Enpass’s best friend is here.

Connect your Enpass with your browser and feel the swift. Just get, set and Go.

Act smartly and forget all your passwords.

Dealing with your passwords is now no more a nightmare as you’ll not see them ever. Just focus on browsing and let extensions handle them.

Generate Strong Passwords

Passwords means security, so they must be tough. Enpass generates tough, unique passwords where ever you need them.

Auto Save

Generated passwords are saved automatically in keychain without frightening you. We know YOU HATE PASSWORDS.

Auto Update

Time to change passwords. Don’t worry! Copy/Paste is a past; Just Generate and Update.

Fill the information in no time

Filling the information is now as easy as pie. No need to take stress, just sit back and relax.

Auto-submit Logins

No need to copy/paste or fill the login information anymore. Enpass fills the login details and log you into the web-pages automatically.

Fill Credit Cards

Enpass automatically fills the card details for you in one tap. Make your online transaction as quick as wink.

Save New Logins

Enpass gives you even more-er time by saving your all new logins. Just a single click, and the job's done!