Inherently stronger security

Inherently stronger security

Enpass users choose their own safest storage location, adding several additional layers of multi-factor authentication.
Unlike other password managers, Enpass does not have a central server full of user data to attack, so any hacker hunting Enpass vaults would have to…

  • Target each user personally
  • AND know which cloud services they’ve chosen for their vaults
  • AND discover the credentials to those cloud accounts
  • AND get past each cloud account’s multi-factor authentication
  • AND know each user’s Enpass master password
  • (Plus there’s a Keyfile option for the tech-savvy)
  • Users can also choose to store vaults locally and sync over Wi-Fi

Storage & syncing options include

  • Every major cloud service — Enpass vaults take about a minute to set up on Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, or Box
  • NextCloud and WebDAV
  • Or completely offline (local or Wi-Fi sync)
storage & syncing options include
Unlimited separate vaults

Unlimited separate vaults

  • Keep a personal vault, work vaults, and vaults shared with a significant other or household
  • Keep different vaults for different projects, and securely share them with project partners
  • Help manage the vaults of elderly relatives, stored on their cloud accounts

Tons of customizability

  • Customizable templates, categories, and nesting tags
  • Customizable Items (add, remove, rearrange, and customize fields — including multi-line and sensitive fields)
  • Customizable browser extension (auto-fill triggers and auto-save options, shortcuts, inline field pop-ups)
  • System-wide access options (hotkeys, mini-window, show/hide system icons, autolock and clipboard timing)
  • Customizable UI options (show/mask item counts, items subtitles, sensitive fields, etc.)
Tons Of Customizability
No need for a separate authenticator app

No need for a separate authenticator app

  • Enpass can be used for 2FA & TOTP


  • The Enpass desktop is completely free for individual users (mobile syncs up to 25 items for free)
  • Enpass Premium is starts at just $1.99/mo


  • Manage up to 6 household users in the Enpass Family Admin Console

A super-powerful, compliance-friendly business edition with…

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft 365
  • Fine-grained admin controls over employee permissions…
  • …including creating separate or shared vaults within company-controlled storage
  • Automatic user provisioning and offboarding
  • Incredible auditing tools, providing deep insights into company password health
  • Vault recovery for lost passwords
  • And all the features listed above and below
A super-powerful, compliance friendly business & enterprise edition with.svg

And, of course, Enpass has everything else you’d expect from a top-tier password manager:

  • Security
    • Zero-knowledge architecture
    • AES-256 encryption on 100% of user data
    • Certified compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards
    • Unlock with a keyfile as second-factor authentication
    • Automatically locks when idle
  • Password safety
    • Random and pronounceable password generation
    • Securely auto-fills in apps and browsers
    • Automatically checks for weak or compromised passwords
    • Automatically monitors for website breaches
    • Retains password history for each Item
  • Convenience
    • Quick unlock using Biometrics
    • Quick unlock with a PIN
    • Auto-fills authentication codes, credit cards, and webforms
    • Auto-saves new or changed credentials
    • Stores and syncs passkeys across devices
    • Securely send vault Items to other Enpass users
  • Usability
    • watchOS integration
    • Easy import from other password managers and CSVs in the desktop app
    • Customize tags, categories, fields, and more
    • Rich website icons
    • File attachments (add ID cards & other documents to items)
    • Powerful search
    • Copy to Clipboard
    • Archive or trash Items no longer in use
    • Dark Mode
    • App localization in 33 languages
  • Support
    • Extensive support documentation & lively, friendly user forums with staff participation
…and more!

Comparing Enpass to other popular password managers

Enpass 1Password 8 Lastpass Dashlane Bitwarden Roboform
Price per year (USD) $23.99 $36.00 $36.00 $33.00 $10.00 $23.88
Data storage & syncing Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, Box, NextCloud, WebDAV, or just on your devices Centralized, proprietary cloud Centralized, proprietary cloud Centralized, proprietary cloud Centralized, proprietary cloud; self- hosted Centralized, proprietary cloud
Data security risk if vendor is breached None Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Passkey management & syncing Yes Yes Limited Yes Limited Limited
Multi-factor authentication

Leverages MFA of the cloud on which the data is stored

Keyfile/secret key (for even stronger security)
Cloudless syncing options
Dark web monitoring
Third-party security audits
Multiple vaults
Password generator
Password autofill

*Features were reviewed on Nov 09, 2023

Enpass values security and privacy

ISO 27001 certified: Enpass

Certified as per ISO 27001

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is certified as per the ISO 27001:2013 standard which ensures that processes inside our organizations are both streamlined and secure, meeting the security and compliance requirements of our customers.

Learn more

Cure53 security audit: Enpass

Comprehensive security audit

We regularly engage third-party security experts to perform audits and penetration tests. We would like to thank Cure53 for their thorough analysis & code-level security audit, and their assistance in achieving higher security standards.

Learn more

GDPR compliant: Enpass

GDPR compliant

Enpass adheres to the guidelines for data protection set forth by the European Union in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We make sure your personal data is protected and our data protection practices remain transparent.


FIDO member

FIDO’s goal is to make authentication simpler for both consumers and service providers. As a FIDO member, Enpass supports the journey toward a passwordless future using passkeys — a faster and more secure way to authenticate your identity on apps and websites without the need for passwords.

trustpilot rating

4.3 / 5

G2 rating

4.6 / 5

capterra rating

4.5 / 5

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