Introducing Enpass 5.6.0 for iOS 12 with Password Autofill and Siri Shortcuts

While we're culminating our next major release- Enpass 6, Apple has officially released iOS 12 with a bucket full of awesome features and performance enhancements. The two such marquee features that caught our eyes are Password Autofill and Siri Shortcuts.
Thanks to Apple for providing the autofill APIs that now allows the password managers to autofill the login details in the Safari browser and the Third-party apps as well. This is the feature that will take your Enpass experience to a whole new level.
And then there's this stronger than ever Siri Shortcuts functionality that allows users to set a voice command to take a specific action in the app. We are very excited to tell you that our lovely users will be the first to get their hands on both these amazing features in any password manager.

Everything you want to know about Multiple Vaults in Enpass 6

One of the marquee features of the latest version of Enpass is Multiple Vaults. This has been one of the most requested features from our users since a while, and we’re delighted that Enpass 6 brings support for the same.  

The first beta for Enpass 6 is here – our biggest ever upgrade!

With millions of happy users across the globe using Enpass across the platforms on desktop and mobile, the road to Enpass 6, our latest version, wasn’t easy.

New avatar of Enpass is on the way

It feels like yesterday when we were having our discussion meeting last summer, analyzing all the feature requests and improvements, and we came out with a decision to implement them in the next major release - Enpass 6. Since it was not possible to add them to the existing architecture so it became a necessity to rewrite the Enpass again from scratch to support the new architecture. The adrenaline rush was quite visible in the team and everyone seemed so enthusiast to make this happen soon. We made the word public and sparkled our users with this exciting news.

Resolved: Autofill in Firefox 57 with the Enpass from Microsoft Store

A few months ago, we made our Win32 desktop app available on the Microsoft Store. It worked seamlessly with all the supported browsers, and of course, was quite appreciated by Enpass users who preferred using Microsoft Edge browser.


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