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Time for beta testers to say HellO to Android O!

After Google announced the first release of Android O as an alpha developer preview earlier this year, developers on our Android product team have been rubbing their hands in glee. Something that they’ve been anticipating for a long time, was finally here. The autofill APIs in Android O!

An update on the reported vulnerability of Enpass for Android

One of our beloved user Andre Dierker, reported a vulnerability in Enpass for Android, where in some situations, Enpass on Android was being presented with a vulnerability where the last edited item was being saved inside the app sandbox in data.xml in plaintext. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to access that particular item on a rooted device.

Introducing Enpass for Chromebooks

We, at Enpass, are very excited to announce that Enpass for Chromebooks is now officially available on Google Play. It’s not just a check mark against another platform for us as the most cross-platform password manager out there, but also much requested from our community of over a million users. 

Bringing Enpass for Android to your Android Wear watch

One of the fundamental driving forces for us at Enpass is being in sync with technology advancements and innovations that OEMs and platform companies offer across the world.

Enpass for Android gets the best ever Autofilling with version 5.2

You know what they say, "The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is that little extra". That little extra is what we've embedded in the version 5.2, and made Enpass stand out of the crowd.
Coming with the best ever Autofill service, Enpass is all set to give you the outrageous experience this time.


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