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Enpass makes your life easy by securely managing your passwords and important information.


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Organise all your passwords
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Get your passwords wherever,
whenever you need them

Autofill your login details
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Forever-free, Unrestricted Desktop Version

Enpass is there in market with our vision to provide a complete, cross-platform password management software as a best fit for every pocket. To achieve this we have even kept the full featured desktop version totally Free on all platforms. For our livings, we charge only for Mobile Apps and that too once for a lifetime license.

Forever Free Desktop version


Full-featured desktop app is absolutely free for Mac, Windows & Linux. You can access all the items and save your life credentials and online accounts free of cost. Read more..

Free Mobile version

with In-App Purchase

Free Mobile App is available for all the major platforms where you can save upto 20 items without spending a single penny. If you want to add more items, pay one time fee for lifetime usage.

Enpass means Security

Enpass takes care of all your life important credentials & online accounts in safe and best way. All your data is secured offline on your device. We do not store any of your data on our server. Enpass encrypts your data by AES 256 bit Encryption using open-source encryption engine SQLCipher to ensure maximum security with trust.

256-bit AES Encryption
Open Source Engine

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No Sign-up required

The first seed of doubt is sown when you sign up with some company's website to put your data on their server. We eradicate this doubt by following a no sign-up policy. Thus, offering you maximum privacy with complete data security.

We don't keep your data on our server

We don’t store any of your Enpass-data on our servers. Thus eliminating the chances of data-leaks. Your specifics stay with you in your device, encrypted with your master password. So only you have the key to your file.

Everyone is Welcome

Cross platform

No matter which platform you are using or thinking about using in future, we support all of them.

Import data from others

If you are using any other password manager and want to switch to Enpass; All you need is a PC and our free Desktop version.

Sync with major clouds

Your choice of Cloud shouldn’t deter you from using Enpass, as it syncs through all major clouds.


Nokia Create Work Life Master Mission Winner

GMASA 2015: Best Productivity App

What users say

"Enpass Love this! With so many user id's and passwords for work and personal usage, this is been a lifesaver for work & personal use. I would recommend highly."

"I've tried almost all major password manager apps in the App Store but none of them beats Enpass in my opinion. It worth every penny."

"This app is perfect and better than any other apps available in app store. Love using it daily. Keep all my passwords and login details at one place. 5stars."

"Love it! I've used Enpass on windows phone, windows pc and now my android phone and does exactly what I need. Works great and rarely crashes."