You were not born to remember passwords. Enpass is.

A secure vault to store everything at one place using a single master password.

enpass detail view

Your digital life, simplified.

Keep your credit cards, bank accounts, licences or any kind of attachment handy in Enpass. No last-minute hassle.

password generator

Generate strong passwords.

Autofill login form

Autofill anytime, anywhere.
password audit

Password Audit

Increases your security by filtering weak, old, pwned and expired passwords.

multiple vaults


Lets you segregate your personal, family and work data in separate vaults.



Unlocks your data using fingerprint or facial recognition.

multiple templates

80+ templates

Lets you add your details efficiently using pre-defined templates.

Privacy matters.

We do not store any of your data on our servers. Live carefree!

Security white paper

This paper outlines our approach towards the security of Enpass on different platforms. Read the paper to know the principle that we follow to deal with the security of your data.

Super strong encryption

100% of your data is encrypted by AES 256-bit using open-source SQLCipher.

Data stored locally

By default, your data is saved on your device. You can sync via any cloud account.

Zero-knowledge system

As a developer, we can not see your data, nor can we access it.

Keep your data synchronized using cloud of your choice.

Google Drive
cross platforms

Available for all mobile and desktop platforms.

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