Stop using insecure text files to save

passwords bank accounts online accounts credit cards identities

Secure them with Enpass password manager


Free Desktop App

No hidden charges, no subscription fee. Just download and use.

Autofill on the go

No need to copy/paste the login details again and again. Enpass removes all your hurdles by Autofilling the information in just a single click.

Stores everything

We believe there's always more than the passwords. With Enpass, not only you can save your passwords, but also the Credit cards, Passports, Bank account details, secure notes and everything else.

Cross Platform

It doesn't matter which platform you use, Enpass is there for you.

Multi Cloud Sync

Enpass gives you the liberty to sync your data over a wide range of cloud accounts.

Unlock with Fingerprint

You can unlock the Enpass on your mobile using your fingerprint on the go.

Wearable Support

Easily access your password or PINs right from your Apple Watch or Android wear.

Strong Encryption

Enpass encrypts the data on your device with the strong AES-256 Encryption.

Backup and Restore

Backup your Enpass data in encrypted form over local Wi-Fi and restore it anytime.

Password Generator

Inbuilt password generator generates strong and unique password to secure your login accounts.


Customize any item (Add, delete or rename the fields) according to your preferences.

Automatic Data Import

Enpass desktop app lets you automatic import your data from other password managers.

Why Enpass is best


Password Managers

  • Monthly/yearly
  • Subscription based
    desktop version
  • Saves your data on
  • No optional cloud sync

Password Manager

  • No subscription required
  • Totally free desktop
  • Saves your data locally
    on device
  • Wide range of cloud sync
    iCloud, Dropbox, OwnCloud,
    GoogleDrive, One Drive & Box

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