‘Tis the season… Enpass brings you Breach Monitoring on Android along with a special Holidays promotion

Breach Alert

Happy Holidays, everyone! The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, even if it has been a difficult year for a lot of us around the globe. Hopefully, the spirit of Christmas and the hope that a new year brings will help us find some optimism.

At Enpass too, we thought of spreading some cheer with a special holidays promotion.

But that’s not all.

Breach Monitoring

The last couple of years have seen a significant increase in data breaches worldwide. While a password manager helps you manage your credentials and sensitive information securely, it was imperative for us to build more features on top of it to ward off other online threats as well to secure the digital lives of our users.

Earlier this month, we introduced a new feature on our iOS app – Breach Monitoring. Breach Monitoring is a built-in feature that keeps a tab on incidents of data breaches globally, and checks if your credentials, or any part of it, have appeared in such breaches. You can then take proactive steps to safeguard your information before it is abused in any way.

Breach Monitoring is now available for our Android users as well.

Breach Monitoring

Here’s how it will work. Enpass will maintain a record of all data breaches on its servers, and the Enpass app would download this data. The app will check for breaches on the app locally without sending any user data to our servers. You can read more about breach monitoring in our previous blog post here.

We can’t recommend good password habits enough – use a strong, unique password, that is – along with taking adequate precautions online to secure your digital lives. However, once your information is leaked due to an external data breach, unfortunately, the password strength is immaterial. Hence, Breach Monitoring is a handy addition against any reported data breaches or hacks. In case of a data breach incident, do take countermeasures to avoid any repercussions.

Holidays Promotion

Enpass will be on sale with a discount of up to 50% on Google Play Store and App Store – while you can get a lifetime license for only $59.99 (25% off on the regular price of $79.99), you can get an Enpass Premium subscription for just $11.99 for an entire year. That’s 50% off on the regular $23.99 price. The family plan too is available at a discount.

And, of course, the full-featured desktop versions of Enpass – macOS, Windows, Linux – are completely free.

Note that the promotion is for a limited time, starting from December 24, 2020 and valid till January 3, 2021. Do spread the word to help your friends and family members secure their digital lives.

So, this holiday season, Enpass brings you a brand-new capability on top of the secure, offline password management experience that you love along with a delicious offer to upgrade to our premium plan.

And before we leave, here’s wishing you a merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!