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New avatar of Enpass is on the way

It feels like yesterday when we were having our discussion meeting last summer, analyzing all the feature requests and improvements, and we came out with a decision to implement them in the next major release - Enpass 6. Since it was not possible to add them to the existing architecture so it became a necessity to rewrite the Enpass again from scratch to support the new architecture. The adrenaline rush was quite visible in the team and everyone seemed so enthusiast to make this happen soon. We made the word public and sparkled our users with this exciting news.

Hey websites, please don't email me my passwords!

The other day I signed up for an online service and received the usual welcome email immediately. But that wasn’t the most pleasant welcome!

Enpass allows you to check the history of your passwords

Imagine you’re changing the password on a website. You generate the new password using the built-in Password Generator of Enpass, but you realize that the new password is not accepted for some reason. You could, of course, generate a new one specifying your preferred recipe and mix of alphabets, numbers, and special characters aligned with website’s requirement.

However, when you proceed to try the new one, you are required to enter your old password, which has now been overwritten by this new one you generated. Ouch! The only option for you to get access now is by going through the annoying and time-consuming ‘Forgot Password’ drill. 

Don’t fret, because Enpass has got your back!

Every password you change and the passwords of every newly saved login items get recorded into password history of that particular password field in the Enpass app as well as the password history of Enpass extension. Very cool, right?
You can also see the name of the domains of recently created passwords in the password history of Enpass Extension.
To see the password history, click the Password Generator icon and a pop-up window will appear.

Enpass 5.2: A Productivity Update for iOS and Mac

Hey there, Enpassians! We hope you’ve been liking some of the awesome features we introduced in the previous version of Enpass for iOS and Mac. Well, there’s more coming, and the latest update packs in quite a few features to improve your productivity without getting in the way. 

Introducing Official Enpass Discussion Forums

Hi! Today, we are excited to introduce another communication channel with the community - Enpass users like you!


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