Introducing Access Recovery for Enpass Business: No more lost time from lost Master Passwords!

Access Recovery Enpass

Holidays are great for rest and relaxation. But sometimes, users returning from a holiday find themselves in a bit of a pickle, having forgotten their Enpass Master Password. Sound familiar?

Lost passwords mean lost time — and lost productivity. One of the prime reasons for using a password manager like Enpass is to avoid such scenarios. However, if an employee forgets the Master Password to their vault, it’s not just their problem — it also becomes a headache for their managers and administrators.

We’ve heard your calls for help and we have an exciting announcement: say hello to Access Recovery!

What’s the big deal here?

Our Enpass Business users trust and use Microsoft 365 to store their Enpass data. Now, you may wonder, how can we possibly offer Access Recovery for vaults that are safely stored in your private OneDrive or SharePoint sites? The crux is, a feature like Master Password recovery requires certain recovery data, like Master Password derivatives and vault metadata, which we at Enpass don’t possess. So, how do we solve this?

Well, that’s where the magic of our newly introduced Enpass Hub comes into play, opening doors for other features too, like Security Audit Dashboard and hassle-free vault sharing.

The Magic of Enpass Hub

Enpass Hub makes the impossible possible — all while respecting your data privacy. It’s an additional server that you self-host at your end. Here’s how you can set up an Enpass Hub.

The Enpass Hub acts as a central point for all users in your organization and their vaults on OneDrive & SharePoint sites. Each user has a unique public key on Enpass Hub, and the corresponding private key is securely stored in their primary vault inside Enpass app. The resources on the Enpass Hub are protected by public-key cryptography, and are only available to user after they have unlocked their Enpass app.

A user’s vault is encrypted with a vault key created from their Master Password. This key is encrypted and securely stored on Enpass Hub. When users forget their Master Password, they raise request to regain access to Enpass. One of the designated Recovery Admins will process the request, using their Enpass app, decrypting the recovery private key received from Hub and creating a user-specific recovery link for the user. User then uses that recovery link to create a new Master Password.

Security of Enpass Hub

As you’re reading this, we bet you’re wondering, “How secure is my data on the Enpass Hub, and how secure is the Hub itself?” Good question. The Enpass Hub has undergone rigorous third-party auditing. Want to really dive into the nitty-gritty? Check out our security whitepaper for a deeper understanding.

Your feedback matters greatly to us, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it. Don’t hesitate to connect with our Enpass community on Forums or reach out on Twitter @EnpassApp, or on Facebook.