Enpass Revolutionizes Business Password Management with Google Workspace Integration

Enpass Integration with Google Workspace

Since launching Enpass’s integration with Microsoft 365 in May of 2022, Enpass Business has become wildly popular with security- and compliance-conscious organizations around the world.

Many business using Microsoft 365 have been moving to Enpass for simple, powerful, private password management that sends zero sensitive data outside a company’s own trusted infrastructure — and many businesses using Google Workspace have been entreating Enpass for this same kind of integration.

Today the wait is over: Enpass Business for Google Workspace is here!

Integration with Google Workspace means inherently stronger security

Enpass Business has helped so many organizations that previously avoided seeking a single password-management solution because of the inherent risks of trusting third-party apps that store sensitive client data on their proprietary servers (1) (2). With Enpass, this risk just doesn’t exist. No client data is stored on — or even passes through — Enpass servers. Business clients have 100% control over their data because Enpass seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365 and now Google Workspace. When you’re an Enpass client, your users’ and teams’ password vaults are saved directly on your company OneDrive, Sharepoint or Google Drive.

Not only can Enpass Business work seamlessly with Workspace to keep all your organization’s password data safely encrypted in your trusted Google Drive, but Enpass also provides five key features for the security of its Workspace clients:

  • The power to create and enforce your own strong, simple password policies
  • The ability to audit risk and compliance factors company-wide, and for each user
  • The convenience of receiving alerts for website breaches that could affect users’ credentials
  • The ability to future-proof your security with passkey management
  • And Enpass is GDPR compliant, certified under ISO 27001 standards, and regularly audited

Enpass + Google Workspace is packed with powerful features too

  • Unlimited vaults in your trusted Google Drive — no data ever leaves your control
  • Fine-grained password rules and policy enforcement
  • Security monitoring for unsafe passwords and website breaches
  • Customizable one-click password generation, with rules set by your admin
  • Automatic user provisioning and offboarding
  • Simple, secure vault sharing via Google Drive & Shared Drives
  • Access management for vaults
  • Intuitive apps with seamless syncing
  • Passkeys syncing and other credentials — even files
  • Customizable templates, categories and tags
  • Access recovery for lost master passwords
  • Complementary Family Plan for every Enterprise user!
  • and much more!

Enpass + Google Workspace is affordable, and grows with your business

  • Enpass Business Starter is just $9.99/month for teams of 10 or fewer
  • Enpass Business Standard is just $2.99/user/month
  • Enpass Enterprise, used by some of the world’s biggest multi-national corporations, is just $3.99/user/month

Try Enpass Business free for 14 days!

It’s easy to get up and running with Enpass Business, not just for IT and admins, but for users too

Enpass wants to help your organization find the best password and passkey solutions for your particular needs. We invite all managers and IT specialists to contact our sales and support team for a one-on-one demo of our simple, super-secure credentials management tools that your entire userbase will embrace and enjoy.

For other queries, drop us a line at support@enpass.io, or engage with our active user community, or reach out  at @EnpassApp, or on Facebook.