Why is Enpass moving to a subscription model?


  • Enpass is moving to a subscription model instead of the one-time purchase
  • Existing Pro users won’t have to pay anything
  • Enpass will continue to be an offline password manager and we will never store your data with us

In 2014, Enpass started its journey as a password management app for smartphones and desktops to help secure the ever-expanding digital lives of our customers. Since then, we’ve offered one of the best and feature-packed offline password managers across multiple platforms and devices.

As the community of our users grew, we’ve come across the changing customer needs and evolving usage. We observed that most of our users use Enpass on more than one device and end up buying the Enpass app more than once or aren’t sure if their purchase on iPhone holds good on their MacBook, for example.

With our current model, purchasing Enpass separately for each platform is confusing for a lot of users – especially since many users find it hard to differentiate between platforms, devices, and OEMs.

A better business model

We are transforming our business model into a seamless subscription model that would make things easier for our users. A subscription would make the on-boarding process easier allowing users to purchase Enpass once anywhere and use the same feature set across all their devices.

We’ll not shy away from the fact that this will make our business more sustainable especially as our company scales up further. It is undeniable that the subscription model is a well-accepted global practice adopted by most businesses, including indie developers, app publishers, as well as legacy software giants like Microsoft and Adobe.

A good software costs money and a subscription helps sustain the creator/developer while offering constant value to the customer. Enpass, as a product focused on online security, requires extensive work with security experts as well as regular third-party audits to safeguard your data and digital security. The subscription will allow us to keep improving the experience with the latest platform innovations along with delivering new features and functionalities.

As they say, it’s a win-win.

With the subscription, you’ll be able to pay on any device/operating system and use Enpass everywhere – on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Offline password manager. Always.

One of the reasons a lot of our users swear by Enpass is because their data stays with them.

The transition to subscription will not change how Enpass will work. The core architecture will remain the sameEnpass would continue to be an offline password manager and we would never store your data on our servers in any way. You can continue using Enpass with the same trust and assurance as always.

Existing users, don’t fret!

Our existing customers are the ones who catapulted Enpass into a successful product. And we really appreciate it! ❣️

We made a commitment to you that you won’t be charged again for the platform you purchased Enpass on, and while taking the decision of transitioning to the new business model of subscription, we were very clear that we will stick to that commitment.

That’s right! Existing users won’t have to pay for the subscription and can continue to use the Pro version at no extra cost. Rather, you’ll get an additional treat – once your complimentary subscription is activated, you will be able to use Enpass across all platforms and not just the device/platform you purchased the app on. ?

If you’re a trial user and haven’t purchased Enpass as yet, it is a good time to go for it. All purchases done before the transition to subscription will be eligible for activation of Enpass Pro subscription.

We’ll share more details of the subscription as we go forward including the specifics and look forward to your support in this transition.


  • Alex says:

    I just moved to enpass a few month ago, because 1Password was moving into subscription only model.
    I moved to enpass due your promise “buy it, have it, use it” policy.
    I bought it for several devices and sadly it was just a wrong decision and clearly waste of money. I did not expect to reach the end of the road that early.
    1Password is lot more perfect and advanced as a software compared to enpass.
    enpass is a working software but a big step back for a long time 1Password user.

    For me, moving into a subscription model, is just the first step to abandon enpass in the near future and research for an viable alternative… again.

    I hope your new business model works out for you but definitely without me as a user or let’s call it paying customer.

    AgileBits confessed a lot and changed their opinion over the years and trust me, the same will happen here sooner or later.
    At some point you will just offer subscripton only.

    Maybe someday software companies will learn that subscription models are just a slap into the users face.

    Good bye and good luck…

    • Sam says:

      Don’t you read the article? It clearly says that if you already purchased the one-time lifetime license, you will keep it for life as is. This change only affects new customers.

      • Alex says:

        I read the article and yes promises were made.
        I saw the same on agilebits and it happened otherwise as everybody knows.

        Maybe enpass proves otherwise, but subscription is the first sign to say good bye.
        It is the current cancer of our software industry.

      • Sebastian says:

        Yeah you keep the current version for life. And somewhere along the road they launch a new version that is not included anymore in your licence. That’s how it always goes.

    • Fab says:

      Alex, I am exactly in your opinion. I also do not trust the commitment of Enpass. Free use of the subcripion model incl. all updates and upgrades with further developments and new features and that lifelong?

      Dear Enpass bosses, I want to be certified by a notary.

      At some point it says: No, the app has now a completely new functions, but now it must be paid. Software continues to evolve and I like to pay for a new version again – once.

      But that will not work anymore: there will only be the subscription. This is a trap.

    • Rod S says:

      Alex, you have said that AgileBits has swapped to a subscription only business model and now Enpass has done the same. Why then would you give up on Enpass (given that you’ve already paid for it) to return to 1Password if you have to pay for that too?

  • Enpass team says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    As we promised, the road doesn’t end here, and your decision to buy Enpass was perfect. You don’t have to pay anything to use the Pro version for lifetime.

    We are not forcing our existing Pro users for the subscription. You can continue to use the Enpass for Free in the same way as you are doing now.

    With regards
    Enpass Team

    • mrc247 says:

      With Lifetime Software Updates for Free?

      • mrc247 says:

        No answer is also an answer.
        I’m sorry, but without Lifetime Software Updates, your promise is useless.

        • John says:

          Didn’t they say this?

          We made a commitment to you that you won’t be charged again for the platform you purchased Enpass on, and while taking the decision of transitioning to the new business model of subscription, we were very clear that we will stick to that commitment.

          That’s right! Existing users won’t have to pay for the subscription and can continue to use the Pro version at no extra cost. Rather, you’ll get an additional treat – once your complimentary subscription is activated, you will be able to use Enpass across all platforms and not just the device/platform you purchased the app on.

          • Simon says:

            Yeah, like 1password promised back then. Until the next major upgrade is released for real subscribers only, and the veteran users are stuck with a “classic” version which is eventually end of support. Been there done that.

            Enpass already broke their first promise of never switching to subscription ever – and their solution regarding website icons isn’t real “offline only” at all.

  • Sebastian says:

    Why aren’t you telling us anything about the Price? That’s kind of important when talking about the business model.

    Anyways, depending on how it’s priced this might be a good change.
    But if you’re going to charge more than 10/Year, then you better start hiring a decent Designer. The iOS-App looks mediocre and the Mac-App is downright atrocious.

  • So if I use only the free desktop version I have to pay in the feature?

  • DaveG says:

    Hi Enpass,

    Two questions
    1) When and how will existing Pro users be notified of the complimentary lifetime subscription?
    2) Will the lifetime subscription for Pro users provide access to all future enhancements or will you be creating a higher level that old Pro users with lifetime will have pay additional for to access?

  • Joe says:

    Good by Enpass….

  • John says:

    And there we go again, another greedy company… I hate it. Enpass was never a good alternative to competitors, but it had enough features and was a one time purchase. Since that is gone now as well and only a matter of time until we are forced to switch to the subscription model to get the much needed updates in the future, I am once again searching for another password manager. BYE

    • Johannes says:

      Greedy? Would you like to work for free?

      • user31415 says:

        Who’s talking about free? Most of us have already paid for the mobile version.
        And for 50 years, developers have managed to live (very well) with perpetual licenses.

        • Plato says:

          Dude, you don’t get it. Its either the subscription model or the company closes down due to lack of revenue sometime in the future.

          Most of us have already paid. Thats it. You, me etc have already paid. So there is no revenue from us. Now there is a saturation point where the number of new people buying the platform becomes negligible and a company won’t be able to pay the salaries for their employyes. That’s why everything with one time payments have end of life defined for it.

          Here they said they will give existing pro users life time updates. If they keep their word, good for them. If not, we can complain then. As of now they are not an evil company in my book.

          • Socrates says:

            Revenue matters since the very begining for every single company. An eternal free offer was the marketing strategy behind that saturation point. That ‘s it. Company won’t care about eventual complaints. A major software update will be done in the future and PRO customers will be left off. Kinda like Win XP.

  • Marco says:

    You promised never to go on a subscription model – you broke your promise.
    Now you promise that the pro users will have no disadvantage.
    I suspect that this promise will also be broken.
    Very sad. This company won’t make any more money with me.
    Good bye Enpass.

  • Stefan says:

    After doing some research I chose to go with enpass as the password manager of my choice. Main reason was the possibility to NOT store passwords anywhere at the companys servers. I also liked your non subscription based payment model, but even I (as a geeky person) found it a bit confusing to decide which version to buy, especially because there is more than one version for windows 10. To sum it up: for me, all your points are valid and I also want all your employees to get their monthly money as well as me getting updates. So even without transferring me into a lifetime subscription at no cost I’d stay and pay some bucks for your team AND my own security.
    Good luck, I’ll be with you ?

  • I’m looking forward as a longtime user with pro license on Linux, iOS and MaOs with Nextcloud as sync partner.
    You shocked me, but we will see .
    Keep up the good work

  • Carsten says:

    What will happen to the free version on windows if this is the only version one uses?
    Will it still be free (with the exisiting features)?

  • Thomas says:

    Wow. I must say I’m absolutely disappointed.

    I moved to Enpass from 1Password because of their subscription model, and now you are doing the exact same thing?

    I don’t believe you when you are saying that the Pro version will stay free for us that have bought the Pro version in time (I have bought it in 2017). For how long will it stay free? What does lifetime mean? Will you just release a new app next year and call it a day with this version?

  • kaeptnkrunch says:

    Yes, after using Enpass for over 5 years i will switch to KeePassXC. I’m not a huge fan of subscriptions. I’m done with Enpass!

  • Bryan says:

    There goes another company trying to keep in business by making money from new customers.
    I’m always a little cautious about companies that don’t have a way to get continuous income from their customer base. I’ve seen too many of them go to the wall.
    I for one welcome the subscription.
    Is there going to be a way for existing customer to subscribe? I am more than willing to throw a few bucks your way regularly to keep this great app going?

  • Renkua says:

    I bought your app on android/ios/mac for my account, and my wife account, but not enough, you want more and more and more…

    The difference between you and 1password, lastpass, dashlane is the no subscription model
    Now you are just an another one…

    Good luck, but as many persons, i search an another password manager (Bitwarden, safe in cloud..)

  • Charly says:

    Trust is everything you have. There are probably better tools on the market. But your approach by not storing the passwords on your company server and having a clear price structure was unique. Now you broke one of your assets and moving to an exchangeable provider. Your losing your trust and customers. Good bye…..

  • Fischmuetze says:

    I will quit using Enpass if you switching to the subscription model. The reason is: I understand and accept to pay for an update with new features or adaption to an updated operating system. But I’ll not accept subscription which I have to pay for geting a poor promising. Also today you promise that premium users will be free of charge for the service for the next year. But you knowing and all other will knowing that you will also change this by the next opportunity.
    At the end the cost for all this subscriptions are in summary to high to handle this.

    The biggest point is that you try to blackmail your user by switching to this model without giving they a choice. So would you expecting to be forced to a subscription model in your bakery without having a choice to buy your bread as before as needed.

    Would you willing to pay a subscription of a pub because they will provide beer but you doesn’t need a beer daily? Would you willing to pay a super market entry subscription?

  • Enpass Team says:

    Thanks for your feedback guys. We have addressed your queries here: https://www.enpass.io/blog/general/how-does-our-subscription-model-affect-existing-users/

    • fab says:

      Free use of the subcripion model incl. all updates and upgrades with further developments and new features and that lifelong?
      Dear Enpass bosses, I want to get this certified by a notary.

  • thorsten says:

    i hope the subscription model will never come
    i hate subscription model.please make no
    subscription i have 4 times buy enpass
    windows 12€ mac os 13€ andoid 10 €
    ios 10 € .45 € and subscription plus 5€ mont.
    i am still waiting what bring the future.

  • György says:

    I was considering moving to 1Password despite being subscription based, but the one time fee always kept me using Enpass. It doesn’t make sense to stuck using Enpass anymore. This is fucking ridiculous.

  • Peter Linss says:

    I will reserve final judgement until I see the details of the subscription pricing.

    I also accept that Enpass is a business and needs to make money, finding the right balance of pricing is tricky to navigate.

    However, I think this is a *huge* mistake and I hope that you will reconsider.

    I’m a long time user and paying customer, so I wont personally be affected by this change. But I can’t in good conscience continue to recommend Enpass to others, as I’ve been doing for years, under a subscription pricing model.

    Frankly, there are better password managers out there. The _one_ thing that made me a believer in Enpass is the fact that it gave me complete control and ownership of my data, and it is somewhat unique in the market because of this.

    While moving to a subscription model wont change where my data is stored, it does effectively hold my data for ransom. Given that the data is stored in a proprietary file format, there is no assurance that at some point in the future I will have to pay to access my existing data. While this may work for other software, it is absolutely unacceptable for something as critical as a password manager.

    You are giving up your primary differentiator.

    If you feel that a subscription model is necessary to sustain your business, please at least consider adding a one-time payment option for new customers going forward.

    For the record, I also moved away from Adobe products for the same reason.

  • Carl says:

    I switched to Enpass when 1P announced their subscription nonsense.
    One major factor was you promoting the one-time purchase nature of your app.
    Obviously only to lure in people who were moving away from 1P.

    Now, an update and a half later “…the subscription model is a well-accepted global practice”.
    In which part of lala-land?

    I wish you luck with your business decision. But I’m afraid I won’t be part of it.
    Enpass is a neat little tool that stores and syncs my passwords.
    It does a decent job doing it – but that’s all it does.
    I was happy to pay for updates. But I will not rent software.
    I want my tools to work whenever I need them, regardless of 3rd party licensing servers.

    It’s not even about money. I own (whatever that’s worth now) licenses for 4 different platforms.
    With closed source software you have to trust the creator. And I’m afraid you blew it.
    Even if you would change your mind.

  • Mariusz says:

    I have been a 1password user for a long time. It is actually a very good (if not the best) password manager. I left 1password when they introduced the subscription model. Enpass has always been a bit worse software for me, but I paid for it once. Now you enter subscribe … What’s more, you raised prices in the AppStore. Earlier, the iOS version cost was PLN 43.00, now PLN 54.00

  • Fabian says:

    I was moving from 1Password because its one Time purchase. Your Software had many bugs but i was saying okay . I was buying this Software for multiple devices and recommend the Software my friends. When you Transform your Business modell me and my friends are going away. I know this empty promises. We all now it.

  • Ladislav Soukup says:

    There are so many haters leaving just because you are going to switch to subscription model… So let me just say few things:

    1. Thank you for honoring Pro users with free subscription.
    2. Thank you for extending my iOS pro to other platforms for free.
    3. I’m NOT leaving you
    4. Not even if you decide to somehow “force” old Pro users to subscription in future.
    5. You already give me a free Pro upgrade from version 5 to version 6 (well, all Pro users) – Thank you
    6. You are still my number one choice even though I was looking for another password manager in past – as I was looking for few features that weren’t available

    BTW: If you ever decide to add your own sync service for another small fee, I may actually thing about it. And no, I’m not looking for web access and true cloud password manager – I like the local file with sync.

  • Alex says:

    Thank you Enpass, yes thank you…
    I read your blog just in time.
    I just bought a new Mac and I was ready to migrate from 1Password to Enpass
    but I say NO to subscription model.
    It’s maybe a better one for you but not for me.
    (I precise that I have no problem to pay upgrades time to time)

    Sayonara Enpass ?

    • Fab says:

      That is the point. I want to decide as a customer if and when to buy a new version (for example with new features).

      Subscription models hinder the development of the software. The developers do not have to win the customers again and again. You can see that at Adobe & Co. – since there subscription models were introduced, the software is only managed. Innovations take place elsewhere.

      Even though I now get a free lifelong access, I can not recommend Enpass anymore. What will it cost in the future?

      At least $ 1 a month – probably more. Future customers pay in one year, what I had to pay once.

      Before I discovered Enpass, I used 1Password for 10 years – and bought three new versions – also for my family. That cost a total of $ 150.

      With the new subscription model of 1Password I would pay in this time $ 360 or even $ 600 (for a family account).

      And it’s “only” a password safe. A relatively small piece of software.

      I have dozens of other programs on my smartphone and my PC.

      If every developer wants some $ a month, that will be several $100 a year.

      Subscription models are money robbers.

      Dear Enpass Team, I would prefer that I have no free lifelong access and instead Enpass would stay a one-time purchase – even though you would have to pay more for new versions.

  • Kevin says:


  • Matthew says:

    I’m not sure I full understand the process for existing users.

    I use Enpass both on iOS having purchased the upgrade a couple of years back to store lots of passwords..

    On my Mac I also use the desktop version and sync them but never got the premium features upgrade here as I don’t have touch ID available.

    Although the blog post suggests I might get updates on the desktop version too having purchased on iOS I just tried to buy “Premium Features” via the button and get an error “in-app purchase is not supported. Machine licensed app does not support in-app purchase.”

  • Barta says:

    I never used a password manager until a friend investigated it for me.
    At first I told him the concept of a password manager but I complaint about most of the good ones require subscriptions or are expensive, he came back with Enpass, it was perfect.
    I love this tool, while I thank you a bit for keeping it without subscription for current users, I dislike the subscription idea, your current model is the major reason to use this tool, I will migrate to another one when this subscription becomes mandatory, I dont trust your word about a lifetime license with the full product and updates because you just broke your own word announcing this.

    I hope you reconsider and look for another model or how to make the current one viable without step on your userbase.
    Personally I will wait to see what happen, I would like to keep using your tool.

  • Diego says:

    So what happen when I purchased the Windows 10 Premium version (with windows hello support) will I be able to use the premium features on my android app?

  • Daniel says:

    As others said: I came to Enpass due to the subscription bullshit that 1Password started. I’m fine with paid upgrades but I am not willing to rent software.

    I have seen it with several products: Once they switched to subscription, the features are no longer user driven. (1PW: Not storing the password on someone else’s computer is now a legacy feature. Lightroom: It’s called classic!)

    Rethink your decision: Do not switch to subscriptions!

  • Friedrich Lang says:

    I also want to upgrade to Premium on my iMac. This is obviously not passible (see above) . the App Store won’t let me do it.
    How do I get the Premium version now?

  • John says:

    Where are all the previous comments? Did you censor them?

    • Enpass team says:

      Sorry to say but we lost them (temporarily) while switching to staging website. ?

      We will bring them back.

  • Dee says:

    What a BS! All app builders are changing their business model. Count all of them. Who can pay for all his apps?

  • Andrew Jarrod says:

    Hello. I’m a long time Enpass user and this morning I (to my horror because I depend on this) find lots of messages about needing to re-register.

    I’m forced to enter the email address I registed Enpass with. However I can’t find any emails from Enpass ever and don’t have any records of one being used. I’ve tried entering both email addresses that I regularly use and both say “no such email registered”. What do I Do ?

    • Andrew Jarrod says:

      I’ve read comments on the forum, but this still isn’t clear to me. Should (as a pro user) I already have an email registered ? I purchased via the Apple store and use on my Phone, iPad and Windows PC.

      Or do I need to create a new account ? In which case should I “Continue with Apple” or Register with Email ?

      • Andy says:

        Sorted. I read a few more posts and registered myself.

        All looks good so far.

        • mato says:

          Great for you, but would be better if you wrote details about what had to be done, so that others wouldn’t have to spent more time searching for what you have already found and tested. Thanks.

  • Jaap says:

    One moment everything nice. Program Ok. super easy. Next moment, only 25 items usable on android. And have to pay 60 euro for keeping access. Not acceptable. Never. Breach of faith and contract.

  • Jaap says:

    Got an update saying there was a glitch. Works again. Wait and see.

  • Rod S says:

    Goleee, some people would complain about anything. I have been using Enpass for years. I already paid for the iOS version so thats my subscription paid. I am now upgraded to the Pro version at no additional cost and as a registered user can now install it on any additional device for free. Any future updates will also be free. Whats to complain about that?

  • Vitor says:

    I’ve been using Enpass for some time now and I was just about to pay for it. I was actually waiting for Black Friday to see if there would be any discount, but I had already made the decision to buy anyway. Then, I got surprised by this subscription decision. I must say that it amused me they hadn’t made this decision sooner, because that’s clearly the trend in the internet market now a days. And it was precisely why I admired them most.
    It reminds me of my license of the SplashID, an app I was using since the old days of Palm OS in my Palm TX. When Android invasion became inevitable, they made an Android version and offered full access for old users: great. One day, the app updated itself and I lost my license. They wanted to force me to move into subscription model. I refused and demanded that the agreement they had with me would be respected. Result: they told me to downgrade and stay forever without upgrades.
    So I’d like to believe this won’t be the destiny of Enpass clients. At the same time, I understand and respect their decision of moving to subscription model, from a business point of view. But as long as there’s an option, I won’t go with them anymore.

  • Peter says:

    I haven’t read all the comments so excuse me if someone already brought this up.

    Regarding everyone stating that 1Password only offers subscription nowadays. They do still offer standalone licenses!

    What they don’t do is advertise it as they clearly want people to use the subscription model, and you don’t know whether or when they’ll eventually stop offering a standalone license.

  • Jason says:

    I’ve been using Enpass for quite a while and overall have liked it. I bought it on a couple of platforms and have some frustrations as I have tried to use it on multiple computers because it doesn’t always seem to recognize my license and I’ve had to reactivate it multiple times. Because of this I decided to move to 1Password and am in the middle of moving my passwords to there.

    However, if this change to a subscription model works more seamlessly, I might switch back. While the 1 time payment for life is nice, I understand it isn’t a sustainable business model. With 1 time payments companies must always be trying to grow their user base to maintain revenue. Subscriptions allow a more stable income stream and companies can try to balance maintaining the satisfaction of current users with trying to grow their user base.

    I’m on the fence at the moment. I have 10 months to decide since that is when my 1Password Account expires and I will have to renew.

  • Rene says:

    After reading all this comments from the heart I feel compelled to suggest you immediatly backup your enpass database by exporting into plain text. Then store your credentials in any encrypted container with an open source library like openssl. At least make a copy – now!
    So will I! The freedom and peace of mind I felt by using enpass is fading away …

  • Brian says:

    I see that many people are unhappy at Enpass is moving to a subscription model.
    I have a desire to keep data under my control as opposed to on the vendor’s cloud.
    This is an important feature and I prefer Enpass for this reason.
    I am sure that to survive and innovate in a competitive market Enpass needs to migrate to a subscription model. It’s also fair that having paid for the app I get a free subscription.
    I feel as a customer that the viability of a business is important.
    At least if they cease to exist I still have access to my data which may not be the case with the competition.

  • Kent says:

    I personally hate software with subscription models, but I love that they still have a lifetime option, even if it is a bit more expensive. You got to do what you got to do. Price it wherever you need, but don’t ever take the lifetime option away and you’ll keep me happy.

  • Vir says:

    No, the subscription model is not well-accepted. Subscription model is a fraud.

    I bought the application on iOS, just changed the phone and it doesn’t recognize my past purchase, insiting to buy one of your Irrational subscribtions which I will never do.

    I don’t feel like you need to “keep adding value” to this product. I don’t want you to do so. I bought the product from you, you got your money, no go away and stop bothering me for another payments. You will not get them.

    Also, where’s the promissed Windows Hello security for Windows version? How you can even talk bullshit like “regular third-party audits” when your damn application keeps all the passwords in memory, in clear text because your stupid developers can’t get right Windows Hello for months now?

    Sorry guys, you had nice, working product. But you became greedy while also becoming lazy. I’m jumping out of this train.

  • Royce Damien says:

    pretty sad! I paid fo PRO on May 21, “2017” and saw a notice of the change somewhere now around a year ago. Continued to use and have faith in the developers with my confidential information but in the last few@2 months or so I haven’t been able to use the app as it has alerted me either A)Pro Subscription Has Been “REVOKED”? to Apple saying it “My in app purchase Cancellation” ??? – Who canceled it? not me? So what Gives here? Where is the commitment to “We made a commitment to you that you won’t be charged again for the platform you purchased Enpass on, and while taking the decision of transitioning to the new business model of subscription, we were very clear that we will stick to that commitment” …

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