How will our subscription model affect existing users?


Yesterday, we announced a change in our business model. Enpass will transition into a subscription-based model to suit the evolving customer needs and usage.

Our existing users would obviously have a few questions about the way forward and some of them have shared their take – both positive and negative – on our social channels, blog, and forums.

Many of you bought an Enpass Pro license on one or more platforms for ‘lifetime’ usage. We are taking a principled stance to honor that commitment. The success of any product (and its makers) is dependent on its users, more so, from early adopters and loyal supporters. ❤️

And therefore, we will never attempt to benefit at the expense of our existing customers. Today, and in the future.

Some of the concerns may also stem from the manner in which other businesses have treated their existing users during their transition towards a subscription model. We know how it is, and hence we charted a well-planned course for the transition of our existing users.

Our existing Enpass Pro users are our ambassadors who spread the good word about the Enpass experience via word of mouth, store reviews, social media posts, et al.

And for that to happen, the goodwill has to start from us. We’ve worked out the transition in such a way that all our current Enpass Pro users will have access to the full version of the app on all platforms without paying anything extra. The idea is not to take anything away from you as we go along, but to give you more than you expected. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Will the existing Enpass Pro users be charged again?
    No, never! The Pro users on any platform will not be charged again and will never be forced to subscribe.
  • Would complimentary subscription users not get future updates?
    All Enpass Pro users will continue to receive future app updates and new Pro features that we’ll release over time – for lifetime, on all platforms.
  • Would my purchase of Enpass Pro on platform restrict my subscription to that platform only?
    No. Even if you’ve bought the Enpass Pro on one platform (Android, for example), the complimentary subscription would give you access to Enpass Pro on all platforms (Android, iOS, et al). Like we said, more bang for your buck.
  • Would the Enpass desktop users will have to pay for a subscription as well?
    To use Enpass on your desktop, you’d not need to pay for the subscription. Enpass desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux will be completely free.

We hope these details would help eliminate some of your concerns and demonstrate our commitment to our users. More details coming next week.


  • David Belson says:

    When I try to “Buy” the Preimum Features (purchase the Enpass Pro version) in the MacOS app, I get an error dialog that says “In-app purchase is not supported. Device licensed app does not support in-app purchase.”

    What is causing that error, and how can I upgrade to Pro?

    • David Belson says:

      It looks like it may be because I downloaded the app from the Mac App Store. However if I download it directly from Enpass, MacOS Catalina won’t let me install it.

      Am interested in purchasing a Pro version before the subscription kicks in.

      • Enpass Team says:


        Sorry for the inconvenience.

        Firstly, make sure if you have already purchased Enpass Pro features on any other platform, then it’s not necessary to buy Enpass Pro on Mac as you are eligible to use all Pro features on all devices after subscription for free.

        If you haven’t purchased Enpass on any platform until now, then you can try purchasing Enpass on any platform(iOS, Android) for now and later use Pro features on Mac.


        • mrc247 says:

          Currently I use Enpass on iOS, MacOS and Win10.
          On iOS I bought the Pro version. Under MacOS and Windows I use the free version.
          Now I also wanted to buy the Pro version for MacOS and Win10, in order to avoid the future subscription-based model, but I also get the error message on my iMac:
          “In-app purchase is not supported.” Device licensed app does not support in-app purchase. ”
          You wrote: “It’s Not Necessary to Buy Enpass Pro on Mac as you are eligible for all the features for free.”
          But I can not use Pro features on my iMac. If I Click on templates I only get the Pro version purchase dialog.

          • Enpass team says:


            Thanks for using Enpass on multiple platforms. As you said, you have purchased once on iOS, so you don’t need to buy Enpass on any other platform. After we add subscription model, your same purchase of iOS will work on all platforms without being charged for subscription. Hope that clears the doubt.

  • Simon says:

    I installed the website-downloaded version perfectly fine in Catalina. Did you already enable the setting to allow installations from App Store and certified developers?

    If the download version isn’t certified either, there is a command line setting which lets you set a third option.

  • Lovish Middha says:

    Enpass on windows is not completely free, i just bought pro version Last month,
    Not complaining about anything, i love enpass

  • Chris says:

    This is a shame, the only reason I chose (and purchased) Enpass over the others was because it wasn’t based on a subscription model.

  • Sven says:

    How you want to handle it when I buy an in-app purchase with My Mac Book?

    how will the assignment take place in the future?

    • Enpass team says:

      You purchase of macOS (or of any platform) will be linked with an email address which upon verification can be used across all platforms.

  • Hm says:

    if user purchased enpass premium on Microsoft store version ?
    Enpass pro free all devices?

  • Jason says:

    excuse me。if I bought it on ios and android. But didn’t buy it on windows pro and macos pro. Can i use it free after new subscriber model

    • Enpass team says:

      Hey Jason,
      Absolutely. You’ll be able to link your existing purchase to use Pro features on any device(desktops or mobile). Enpass, after the subscription model will anyhow be completely free on desktops for all users.

  • Fish says:

    So I bought the in-App “Premium” for the macOS Client. Must I made a subscription for future versions? Until when? One Year? Never?
    The TouchID Implementation of the macOS Client is one of the worst and loveless implementation that I ever saw. Using the TouchID Feature makes more circumstances than using a pin. Why in the hell must I press the TouchID Button by the mouse to activate the TouchID instead of pressing any key to activate it? Useless! This ins’t a premium feature implementation but a very good example for a poor loveless development without to check the implementation by the eye of the view of the user – just to have an addition feature.

    • Enpass team says:

      You’ll be able to restore your existing purchase on all platforms without the need to subscribe. We’ve noted your feedback regarding TouchID for further improvement.

  • Martin says:

    Will you respect also users, which get the Pro key during the myAppFree promotion in 2016?

    • Enpass team says:

      Hey Martin,
      The users who activated the Pro features during promotional campaign are also eligible to restore Pro features on all devices for free

  • Sascha says:

    Will then TouchID support will be back without the need to pay for it in the Mac Version? I think I have Pro for iOS bought it long time ago or got it in a free promotion, when iOS Version was not free but Desktop Version was. With Enpass 6 you switched that but I never bought the Pro on Mac beause I was not willing to pay for TouchID feature that I already hat with Enpass 5 on Mac.

    • Enpass team says:

      After the subscription model, TouchID on Mac will be available for free to all the users.

      • Sascha says:

        Thank you. Just to be clear:

        People who came from Enpass 5 (Mobile and Desktop) and did not upgrade to Premium within Enpass 6 (inApp buy) yet do not need to buy this premium option now to get lifetime pro subscription for free?

        Did I understand it right?

        Thank you

  • Keith Anderson says:

    I use the same email address when using my Android tablets and phone. With my Ipad I use a different email address. Will this be a problem for the free subscription?

    • Enpass team says:

      You could use any of your e-mail address to link your purchase on all platforms after the subscription model.

  • Tobias S, says:

    You wrote: Enpass desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux will be completely free.

    Will this also mean, that i can further sync my password container to Webdav for sharing it between office and homeoffice computer (desktop app)?

    • Danny says:

      Thats right! You wrote in your announcement: “on your computer in isolation”. What do you understand in isolation? Means in isolation no further syncing-features in Enpass?

  • Tanner Ingram-Johnson says:

    Does this include purchases of the old Windows UWP version (Windows Mobile)? Or only the current Enpass 6?

  • Mirko says:

    I purchased the pro-version on mac appstore-version of Enpass.
    Do I get access to all mobile platforms with the complimentary subscription after changing to your new business model?

    • Enpass team says:

      Yes Mirko,
      You can unlock the Pro features(for free) on all mobile platforms by restoring your mac purchase after subscription.

  • Maik says:

    I have the Windows Premium Version … E-Mail is registered. How can i update the Android Version?

    • Enpass Team says:

      To use the same purchase across devices, you need to register your purchase through an email address. Registration is a simple and password-less process and won’t take more than a minute. Seconds only, if you choose to Sign-in with Apple (iOS) or Sign-in with Google.

      You should first register on the device from which you have purchased Enpass.

      Once you have successfully registered using the steps mentioned here, you can continue the same process of registration on your other devices. Make sure that you use the same registered email address which you have used previously. You can also refer to the confirmation email sent to your registered email at the time of first registration. For any help, please drop us a line at and purchase receipt from the app store.

  • Andy says:

    Hi – I have been using paid versions of Enpass on Mac OS and Android for a while since 1Password began their moving in to subscription model. Although I’m disappointed to hear of Enpass’ decision to follow a similar path (especially since the transition wasn’t totally smooth), I’m glad Enpass claim to be planning to keep their word for existing customers.

    However, I just tried to also register my iOS version of the app and am only being shown LITE features, not PRO. My android version of the app has not updated yet and I’m worried about losing functionality when it does. Can you confirm why are Pro subscription features are not unlocked even though I’m using the same email as my desktop software?

    • Karsten says:

      Same here.
      MacOS tells me LITE, not PRO. Purchased on Android.

      What to do now?

    • Danijel Wallenborg says:

      I think you need to update your android app first and then use the same email that you registered with the pro version. After that you should login on you apple device with the same email and it worked for me .

      Or go to your Apple device, it says “trail” press the button next to “subscriptions” that says “registered” and then enter your Pro version email address, and add the 6 security digits and it should now say “paid”. That is what I did.

    • Alex says:

      Same here. 3 years ago I’ve purchased PRO licence via Google Play Store. After registration for the same email address using Google account got only Lite version on my Android device.

  • Eduard says:

    User trust is priceless and you have lost it.
    I have purchased your product several times, but I will not use it anymore.

  • Danijel Wallenborg says:

    Hello. Thank you for keeping it “free” for us who got it free, but I have a question. I have enpass on my phone, but if I want to have it on our family tablet, with our family passwords. If I use my mail, do anything from private vault (or anything like that) be downloaded to our tablet. Or is this just to get all features and nothing more. Even if I have a family and have some stuff shared, I don’t want all my private passwords and catalogs to be shared?

    • Enpass Team says:

      The email is used only for activating all the paid features across devices.
      The purpose of registration with Enpass is all about linking your purchase with a valid email address so that you don’t have to buy it separately on all platforms.

  • Paul Turnbull says:

    I purchased an Enpass Pro license several years ago and have it running on an Android phone and Windows 10.. however I am now being asked to purchase a lifetime upgrade and only 25 items are being displayed on my phone.. I thought existing users were to be grandfathered into Enpass pro at no charge!!! This is a royal pain because i can no longer access any of my passwords (save the first 25).. what is going on here??! Please contact me offline to get this fixed.. Thanks.

  • Fab says:

    When I activate the lifetime licence, on how much devices I could activate Enpass with the same registered email-account?

    On how much iPhones, Macs, Windows-PCs and Android-Phones I can activate Enpass at the same time with only one registered lifetime email-account?

    What is, if my some of my family members bought Enpass in the past on a different account. Could they register Enpass by a different emai-account?

    So we can activate more devices for the whole family all together?

    • Enpass Team says:

      You can use the activated email across as many devices as you like. There is no limit on the number of device per the activated account.

      Yes, your family can use their activated accounts simultaneously on their devices and this won’t effect anywhere. Note, that one device can have only one registration email added to it.

      • fab says:

        Dear Enpass Team,
        it is very generous of you, not to limit the number of activatable devices. We have 4 iPhones, 2 iPads, 3 Macs, 2 Windows and 2 Androids in our family. That seems to be okay for you. But what if I also unlock my dad’s devices and my aunt’s or the devices of all my friends. Great for me, because everyone will probably give me a beer, but stupid for you, because no one buys their own account. Even if there is no technical limitation, is there at least something like a fair use policy?

        • No nAme says:

          Completely agree I think no device limit is too generous and hence can be exploited.
          I think the device limit should be limited to upto 10 devices max.

  • Nate says:

    Love the App!
    I understand how Enpass has to keep pace with the times and thank you for honoring old customer purchases. Do you think you could add support for Nextcloud or other self hosted cloud platforms in the future?

    Thanks Again!

  • Gerrit says:

    Hi, I bought Enpass on Android, on iOS and the Windows Premium version. Does this mean I can register three different email adresses and give my wife and my son their own registered email ?

  • mato says:

    Btw, the new logo is so much worse than the old one, I’m afraid. 🙁

  • Thanks to the subscription model – the hot new trend in modern software, creating a profitable online business is easier than ever.

  • My1 says:

    Now this post just totally aged like fine milk.

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