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Enpass subscription

As we’ve been discussing for the last few days, we are transitioning to a seamless subscription model. It will make the on-boarding process easier allowing users to purchase Enpass once anywhere and use the same feature set across all their devices.

In last few years, Enpass has established itself as one of the leading cross-platform password management apps for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Enpass helps users secure their ever-expanding digital lives across multiple platforms and devices.

Considering how the needs of our customers have changed and their usage evolved in the last couple of years, we announced this change in our business model last week.

Some things, though, never change

The change, though, is limited to how the users get started with Enpass. The core architecture of the app remains the same and Enpass would continue to be an offline password manager.

One of the reasons a lot of our users swear by Enpass is because their data stays with them and there will be no change in that position – we would never store your data on our servers in any way.

It’s always been about your choice

Enpass was conceived with the idea to offer the best password management experience to users as they prefer. Wherever they are.  

Enpass offers you the choice of choosing the cloud service that you want to sync your data with – and are not limited to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box but also WebDAV which has its share of fans.

We’ve also have had the broadest platform portfolio. We started with two operating systems and now offer apps for six platforms, including Linux and Chrome OS.

Now, we’ve extended the choice to our pricing as well.

Get started for free

The Enpass Lite subscription (priced at $0, d’oh!) is the best way to get started with password management. The free plan allows you full access on desktop – Windows, mac OS, Linux – while you’re limited to 25 items on mobile – Android, iOS. This is a great plan for desktop-only users or the ones who want to evaluate Enpass without going for a paid plan.

The Enpass Premium subscription allows you full access on desktop as well as mobile with a choice of the subscription period – 6 months or 12 months ($1.49/mo; $17.99 billed annually or $1.99/mo; $11.99 billed half-yearly). You can also get the same capability on all your devices with a one-time purchase for $53.99 if you’re so inclined.

Note that you don’t have to buy Enpass on every platform individually – as was the case before. You can purchase Enpass Premium subscription on any mobile platform and get full access across all your devices, on all platforms.

As we shared in our blog post last week, existing Enpass Pro users will not have to pay anything extra as we make this transition. All our current Pro users will have access to the full version of the app on all platforms without paying anything extra. They will continue to receive future app updates and new Pro features that we’ll release over time – for lifetime, on all supported platforms.

A word on registration

To enable subscription, we’ve created an email-based, password-less registration process that simplifies the payment options and removes the conflict of cross-platform usage.

For registration, we ask your email ID so that we can link your store purchase to an email ID. This will allow you to restore your subscription on other devices and platforms without paying again. We do email verification via a one-time password (OTP) eliminating the need for any password for authentication.

If you’re using your Apple ID or your Google Account to register, then we also collect the Name along with the user ID.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and our Privacy Policy adheres to the guidelines of data protection set forth by the European Union in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in EU law on data protection and privacy.


The new Enpass subscription model is rolling out with Enpass v6.3 across all platforms.

With v6.3, existing Pro users will be able to register their past purchases for the complimentary upgrade and new Enpass users will be able to subscribe to Enpass Free or Premium plans.

From the past couple of months, our team was busy working on this transition and we had to put some feature requests aside. Now that we are up and running with the subscription, we’ll get back to work on those feature requests, so keep the feedback flowing.

We look forward to your support in this transition. If you have any questions about the same, please drop us a line at support@enpass.io.

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  • omar says:


    • Stefan says:

      Wow, tough pricing. Is not what I was expecting. I was expecting you to ask lower prices than the competitors because there is no cloud hosting included. But you don’t. Looks weird to me. Anyway: I hope you’ll make your transition successful ?

  • OSC says:

    @omar: what ist your problem? If you are an existing user, NOTHING changes for you!

    • omar says:

      I’m not a LITE user =(

    • Tom says:

      shut me out today. I purchased PRO last year in apple store, today i’m lite and limited. tried re-registering with the email I used to buy the app, and still locked to lite. reaching out to Enpass team for help.

  • Anthony says:

    I am an existing Pro user (bought it in 2016 on Android) and it only shows me 25 passwords on my phone… I was forced to download an older version on uptodown.com, then install the old version and then manually update it in the Google Play Store to the latest version, so I can see all my password… Also my desktop Enpass is telling me I am using the “lite version”.. nice.

    Maybe its just a very buggy at the moment, I will wait before I contact the support.

    • Enpass team says:

      Sorry for the trouble. There is a problem at our end in v6.2. The issue has been fixed in the latest 6.3 which is on the way. Temporary workaround is to try by restarting the app (after force stop)?

      Let us know if that works.

      • Joe says:

        Same here. Very annoying. Force stop did not work on my Android. Even tried resetting the whole app (deleting all user data) with no result.

        It’s version 6.3 on my mobile.

      • Jay says:

        I’m also locked out on android now… 🙁
        v6.3 and everything.

    • Anthony says:

      Here is Anthony again, just want to clarify my comment from a few days ago. I tried it today again (to install Enpass on my phone) and it works fine. On my phone and desktop its now the PRO version and its showing me all my passwords/items. Thanks Enpass Team.

  • Michael says:

    Transition of my existing “account” went very smooth. I think this is great new setup, especially that you still offer a one time purchase.
    Certainly keep on recommending Enpass as long as you keep offering the choice between subscription and one time purchase.

  • Talla says:

    Where is the link to register for existing pro users?

    • Enpass team says:

      On installing the new update to v6.3, Enpass will prompt you to register in the app itself.

      We have released the update for iOS, macOS and Windows. Update to Android and other platforms are rolling out soon.

      • Talla says:

        Thank you! It just happend as you said. I was made to decide: proceed with apple or via email (prompted as i startes the Ios app). Maybe this is interesting for other users.

  • Jan says:

    I am a current Pro User from Android and have 2 questions about the transformation.
    1. Do i have to use the email adress of my google play Account or can i use any email of mine?
    2. Can you tell a day, when Android receices the Update?:)

    Its nice that you provide the one time payment option!

    • Enpass Team says:

      Hey Jan,
      You can use any email address to register on the Enpass app.
      Latest update for Android is available on the Play Store.

  • Eeko says:

    I’ve seen worse transitions… Though I’ll hold my verdict for a while until I see how it folds out in the long term. Appreciate the free update. Things have worked smoothly for me so far. 🙂

    So far Enpass has been my go-to recommendation for a password manager for most people I’ve known to use some network drive solutions. The features are solid, UI does what needed and the pricing for the Pro version has been reasonable. Though I feel this is going to change now as the one-time purchase cost has upped to whopping $ 54. I kind of feel I need to do a bit more research on password manager options now before throwing my recommendations.

    I think it would make sense to give existing members an option to share some amount of discount codes for the one-time purchase we could use if we decide to refer anyone to use the software? Say, get -50% off codes (for your subscription type) from some submenu of the pro-version?

  • Barta says:

    I completely disliked your subscription announcement, I still disagree with it, but its great you maintained the one payment option even if its expensive at first, after thinking a bit about it, its like paying every version of enpass pro with prices of the old model, which is reasonable in some way.

    I have enpass pro in windows and android, I understood that with only one pro version lets say for android, I will be able to have any pro version in any platform, is it right?

    • Enpass Team says:

      If you’ve earlier purchased Enpass even on a single platform, you can now access the Pro features on all devices for free. Just register(free) your email within Enpass app on the device where you’re already using Pro features and then restore purchase across multiple devices using the same email.

  • NNNick says:

    I have been using Enpass for years. At least 5 years, maybe more. I’ve purchased the app on multiple platforms. Until this subscription model change i had been perfectly happy with all aspects of the program.

    Because i’ve been using this for so long, i did not have any interest, or need, to upgrade to Pro.

    Now suddenly, the program i ALREADY PAID FOR, i’m locked out of my passwords on Android unless i either subscribe, or pay $55?!

    Your previous pos said you ” The success of any product… dependent on its users, more so, from early adopters and loyal supporters.”

    That is me. Except now you’ve locked me out of my vault, and are forcing me to pay $55 for an upgrade, and features, i don’t want and don’t need, for an app i’ve already paid multiple times for! This is HARDLY a way to keep the support of your loyal users.

    I’m utterly infuriated by this. You’ve completely alienated your oldest users. Seems more like you’re paying lip-service to your early adopters, than actually trying to keep them.

    • NNNick says:

      Enpass corrected this today with a second update on Android. Now back to normal. Thank you.

      Sorry for the vitriol of my previous post, but what a terrible and unexpected way to start the day: with no access to years of passwords…

      • Enpass Team says:

        We regret for the inconvenience caused due to a bug in the earlier release. Customer satisfaction is always a priority for us and we’re happy that you now have access to all your passwords.

  • Mithilesh says:

    I am pro user on Android, i successfully registered my email id in android but when i try to register it on my windows pc it doesn’t work. It doesn’t prompt for email id submission.

  • Jan says:

    Using the Android Version. I upgraded to version 6.3 today and i was asked to register with an email adress or with my google account. I used e-mail adress and the account was directly pro. So i tried to login to the Account on Windows and it also shows that i am a pro user. Easy way to sign up, thank you!

  • kim says:

    I am purchased iphone user.
    But today I login a iphone I just turn to the lite user. only access 25digits. what’s wrong ?

    I heard you did not request purchased again before purchased user.
    But I do not use fully access on iphone.

  • Robert says:

    >> Enpass would continue to be an offline password manager.
    Now it sounds like a lie. If your servers for sending OTP stop working, I won’t get the new code on my new mobile phone and therefore I can’t open more than 25 passwords. Getting the OTP is no longer an offline application.

    I need complete autonomy, so that even without access to the Internet, and having only an .apk file, I can open a password database.

  • Michael says:

    Please fire the guy who came up with this convoluted pricing scheme. Don’t treat people like morons and price it at $11.99, just say $12! I also you don’t need to incentivize me with a “discount” for purchasing a longer term subscription, just charge $2 a month in 6 or 12 month subscription. You have a great product you don’t need to trick anybody with creative pricing schemes, it is disrespectful.

  • Ryan says:

    I’m really disappointed with the change to a subscription model. It’s a huge price increase with virtually nothing of value added to make up for it. Almost everyone I know only uses 2 platforms (Windows + Android or Mac + iOS), so what used to cost $24 is now $54 and the main thing that’s changed is the addition of a more complex registration procedure.

    I figured it was only a matter of time before you switched to a subscription model, but I expected it would coincide with some type of service offering that would help to justify a monthly fee. I dropped LastPass when they increased prices from $12 to $24 (per year). At that time, they were providing sync infrastructure, payment processing, and fancy features like emergency access.

    I think you’ve made a mistake by jumping to a subscription model without converting any of your existing customers. You should have kept the low, per-platform pricing and offered value adds via subscription instead. Things like vault sharing via a hosted sync server (to keep things simple for users) would have provided enough value to warrant recurring fees.

    My prediction is that eventually new features will only be available via the subscription offering and that you’ll drop the lifetime licenses in an effort to force users onto subscription plans.

    Most people I know use a single vault to store website passwords. Firefox Lockwise has a really strong foundation for basic password management. If they add a password generator and the ability to create passwords via the mobile app(s) it’s good enough for most non-power users. Maybe I’ll go contribute there 🙁

  • Bill says:

    I love Enpass. That said, I believe upgrading to Enpass 6.3 might come with privacy risks. At least, the privacy policy is misleading. Section 2.1.1 of the privacy policy contains:

    “We use Google Analytics and to learn more about Google Analytics and your privacy, visit the “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps” page at http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/. To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics when using our website, visit http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.”

    If you go to the information contained therein is about “installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on” … which … “prevents the Google Analytics JavaScript (gtag.js, ga.js, analytics.js, and dc.js) that is running on websites from sharing information with Google Analytics about visit activity.”

    The difficulty is that Enpass is not a browser and it is unclear how to disable Google Analytics in Enpass. So, at least there should be a clear and easy way to disable Google Analytics in Enpass.

    Further, from everything I can find on the Internet, Google Analytics cannot be disabled successfully.

    The suspicion I have is that Sinew, like Google, is collecting user browsing and other information to be used and/or sold to other companies. I believe full disclosure would admit to this and inform users how to opt out of having their private data collected and used in this way by Sinew.

    Can anyone provide assurance that my suspicions are unwarranted? In the meantime, I’m staying with Enpass 6.2.x

    • Joe says:

      This concerns me too. We paid for the pro version, and now you’re going to collect and sell our user analytics too? Wtf?

  • mato says:

    I bought Enpass on Android in past. I do not want to use the email from that account for any other purposes. Can I change the email after registering my complimentary subscription in new Enpass? Or how else can I avoid using my app store email with Enpass while being able to activate the subscription, please?

  • David Baumbach says:

    How do you register an email address if you get enpass from the mac store??

  • Martin says:

    I switched a few months ago from 1Password to Enpass because they were changing the licensing model in 1Password. I don’t want to pay $ 48 per year for a software which nearly hasn’t the functionality such as the Mail app from Apple. Further i don’t want to save the password data at the server of the software supplier. But now the Enpass supplier changes the licensing model too! Even though i have the lifetime license i change to KeePassXC at macOS and Strongbox at iOS and iPadOS because i don’t trust Enpass. By the way KeePassXC is much clearer to handle and the sync via iCloud Drive works fine. Further the handling of login webforms with more than two fields to login is handled in Enpass very laborious and the Auto-Type function in KeePassXC is the best i have ever seen because it is individually customizable.

  • andre kim says:

    i bought enpass pro

    but my account is lite version

  • Another Unhappy Enpass User says:

    You said: “Some of the concerns may also stem from the manner in which other businesses have treated their existing users during their transition towards a subscription model. We know how it is, and hence we charted a well-planned course for the transition of our existing users.”

    I say: Your “well-planned course” is a bug-ridden disaster. I purchased pro version a coupe of years ago. Now I have been forced downgraded to a lite version.

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