Enpass 5.0 for Android: Fingerprint support, Autofill, and much more!

We’ve nurtured and groomed Enpass for long, and are very proud of what we’ve achieved as it shines as one of the best cross-platform password management applications. Like zealous sailors on a tough voyage, we’ve sailed really hard to stay on course.

And today, as part of the same journey, here we are with Enpass 5.0 for Android! This major update not only packs in a lot of improvements, but also offers several new features that have been requested by our users.

Autofill with Enpass Keyboard

While Enpass has made lives of our users easier by storing complex passwords for hundreds of Websites, that is not all what you’ve wanted. Passwords are meant for login pages and that’s where the previous version hit a roadblock. Enpass couldn’t use the passwords automatically and it was a tad disorienting to switch screens, enter master password, and then manually copy/paste login information.

But that’s a thing of the past now with Enpass 5.0 that allows autofilling in apps and in Chrome browser.

Autofilling is actually done with the help of a newly introduced component Enpass keyboard – which with the help of Android Accessibility can detect the username and password fields to autofill in Chrome Browser and third party Apps. For that you have to just enable Autofill from Enpass Settings. 

Full-time fingerprint support

Doesn’t Enpass support fingerprint authentication already? Well, of course! Enpass supports unlocking through fingerprint since version 4.6 but that was only for Samsung devices in a limited manner as compared to Touch ID support offered by Enpass for iOS. Unlocking through fingerprint was only possible when Enpass was running in the background. When the app was restarted after exit by user or Android OS, you had to unlock Enpass keychain again by entering the master-password.

But now, thanks to Google for improving the Android Keystore in OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) which provides a better integration of Fingerprint with the operating system, users can now even purchase content from Play Store or make payments through Android Pay by just touching their finger at the sensor. Using the same Android Keystore and fingerprint API, we now support unlocking through Fingerprint every time, even if the App has been started fresh. To distinguish this with fingerprint support of version 4.6, we internally call this as Full-time fingerprint support.

Android Keystore System is a very secure environment accessible to Apps with a sole purpose of storing any information very securely. In Enpass we use Android Keystore to securely store your master password in encrypted format. Have a look here to read more about security of your master password in Keystore.

Other features

Along with these features, we’ve squashed some annoying bugs and have also done improvements in Material theme and lock screen design. For the complete changelog of Enpass 5, have a look here.

Your love and support has made Enpass, what it is today. Give it a go, and share your experience with us here in the comments below. If you have any issue, write to us at support@enpass.io.

Please don’t forget to give a pat on the back of our team by reviewing Enpass on Play Store, and directing your feedback, and even rants, to Twitter (@EnpassApp) and Facebook.

With ❤ from everyone at Enpass!