Enpass 5.0.4 for Linux adds support for Opera extension

With Enpass 5.0.3 for Mac and Windows, we introduced Opera browser extensions. Apologies to our loyal users on Linux, since the functionality was missing and we took quite a while to release major refresh of the iOS and Android apps (You should check them out!) which kept us away from Enpass for Linux.

Anyway, we’re back in business, and today we are releasing Enpass 5.0.4 for Linux with support for Opera extension. In this update, we’ve also improved the performance in syncing with ownCloud and OneDrive (and fixed some known issues too).

Along with that you will also be able to import data from some other known password managers too. Checkout the complete changelog here.

To get start with Opera extension, download it from here and follow these installation steps listed here.

Of course, like always, Enpass for Linux is absolutely free, and will always be. We’d also like to thank you for your love and support that has made Enpass one of the best cross-platform password managers. Don’t forget to share your experience with us here in the comments below, and stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter too.