Moving on to Enpass WebExtension for Firefox.

Mozilla is cutting support for the add-ons from Firefox 57 beta to replace them with powerful WebExtensions. So that our Firefox users can now feel the same joy of smooth browsing with auto-filling, we have rolled out a pre-release version of the all-new Enpass WebExtension that will also support the current stable Firefox browser. To get it work, make sure you also update your Enpass desktop application to latest version 5.6.

Unlike the add-ons on Firefox Store, the new extension will only be available through our Website. All this for the faster delivery of updates. It is very time-consuming and usually takes longer than expected for the new updates to pass through the review process by Firefox team; sometimes due to heavy traffic there.  Days appeared to be like weeks when the update was having security improvements. So, nothing cumbrous in setting up with WebExtension, just download and install it from our website, and you can uninstall the older one.

Well, that's all for now. If you have any questions or clarifications, you can also drop us a line at and you’re welcome on our community forums to start any discussion. Help us grow by sharing a word about us on Twitter at @EnpassApp or



Unsay 1 year ago

Hello Enpass Team

So, you currently maintain four versions of Enpass for Windows:

1. Win32 version for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 [Web]
2. Win32 version for Windows 7/8/8.1/10, PORTABLE [Web]
3. Win32 version for Windows 10 [Store]
support the MS Edge WebExtension
4. UWP version for Windows 10 [Store]
supports UWP features like Windows Hello

[Web] = downloadable from the Enpass website
[Store] = downloadable via the Microsoft Store

For some incomprehensible reason, you aren't able to keep the first three versions in sync, so this new WebExtension for Firefox only works with version #1.

Any word on when it will also be supported by #2 and #3?


Marcos Alano 1 year ago

Please, respect Mozilla. You keep the extensions on official store for Chrome AND for Opera and should keep on Firefox store. I know the update time isn't the best, but you could keep the edge version on website and a more stable release on store. One future you can't provide is when the user installs the extension using the store, he can keep synced on all devices.


Gabriele 1 year ago

I completely agree with Marcos Alano it is a bad idea to not publish the extension on the official Mozilla addons site.

Furthemore you lose discoverability, since now people can search for "password manager" on Mozilla addons and find your extension. If you do not publish an official extension you will lose that chance.


Nick 1 year ago

Having dealt with the firefox addon approval process, i can't blame the enpass team for forgoing it completely. If you release often, having to wait days to weeks for each approval is a non starter.


Big Billy 1 year ago

Nice. Looking forward to using this. I think Moz are going to require all addons to be signed from 57 onwards. This would mean that you can't actually offer a download for the public.

I've heard their approval process is going to be sped up and somewhat automated, so you can rest easy that it's probably not always going to be like this.

Remember, WebExtensions-enabled Firefox is in BETA. You're writing software for an unreleased product. I'd wait until it's all out there and stable before making huge decisions about segmenting/limiting your market.



Nick 1 year ago

The Version to use for new Firefox is 5.6. I noticed the latest portable Version of Enpass is 5.5.6.
Since I'm a big fan of portable apps, and especially Browsers and related supplementary Tools like Enpass I would like to know by when Enpass portable will be available in Version 5.6.



wxkuang 12 months ago

I totally agree with Marcos Alano. Publish enpass extension to Mozilla store can keep user's extension in latest version.


Brandon 11 months, 1 week ago

This is lazy and highly suspicious. Just because Firefox supposedly is slow doesn’t mean you circumnavigate their review process... unless you’re hiding something.

Don’t complain about their review process when it took you MONTHES to put out a test web extension when lastpass and bitwarden and other managers had test versions out eons before Enpass did. I see this as an excuse and am moving off enpass


kin 11 months ago

I use lastpass(and currently testing enpass) and lastpass had a working webextension about a week before firefox 57 was released. And it's so gimped that it's almost unusable. So your comment shows you don't use lastpass at all.


lzap 11 months, 1 week ago

Thanks for Firefox NG support, and big up to non-subscription based model. Others are too hungry, I have no problems paying 10 bucks per client (including FF plugin) if that is lifetime. And feel free to do additional five buckers for major upgrades once per year.


David 11 months, 1 week ago

I just installed the newly released Firefox 57.0 and tried to install Enpass extension from the enpass website but I get the connection error when selecting the enpass icon in Firefox. I am running Windows 10 desktop version of enpass version 5.6.2 Any ideas why this is not working anymore?


Andrew 11 months, 1 week ago

Just a quick note to mention that I'm getting the same connection error as David -- extensions are working in Edge, Opera, and Chrome.


Alice 11 months, 1 week ago

Yeah, enpass is not working here on Firefox as well. Also you should release your addon on Firefox store NOT on your own website. Firefox has been asking developers to stop doing that, with a good reason.


aRvInD 11 months, 1 week ago

Enpass is working fine in Stable FF v57. But Not having extension in FF-Store is so frustrating. Pls bring it there..


Eve 11 months ago

Not being able to install the extension from mozilla makes it unusable for me. Combine this with the lack of keybindings to copy username and password from the software, it's worse than keypassx :/


Jean-Sébastien Beaulieu 11 months ago

Your decision to publish your extension on your website is alright with me, but please, keep a "stable", albeit older, version on the Addon store.

1. Discoverability : People searching for "Password manager" on the addon store won't find you.
2. It looks shady : I get that their review process is frustrating, I've seen it firsthand. However, having to download a random extension from a third-party website and install it manually is bad user experience, and will definitely turn off lots of people.
3. Convenience for your current customers : I have to setup new machines often enough that having to manually install the extension every time is a hassle when every other damn extension I use gets synced automatically.

This decision is deplorable and unprofessional.


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