Enpass for Windows: Which version should I use?

This week, we introduced a new edition of Enpass for Windows. The new version is the port of our traditional desktop Win32 app to Windows Store using Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge technology. The app allows us to offer you our new browser extension for Microsoft Edge – a much-requested feature from Windows users for quite a while.
But what it meant was that there are now three versions of Enpass for Windows. It hasn’t been an easy decision for us, but we believe, it will be the best way forward in the long run. There are technical limitations that do not allow us to merge all of those as one app – The transformation that Windows is going through, especially for delivering apps via Windows Store, is a work in progress at best.
But we understand your conundrum about which version should you use. And hence, this post. Let’s have a look at the three versions

Traditional Bridged UWP
Price Free Free $9.99
Windows 7 and later Windows 10 creator
update 1703
Windows 10
Desktop Desktop Desktop + mobile 
Chrome, Firefox,
Opera, Vivaldi
Edge, Chrome,  Opera, Vivaldi,

Now the users with the traditional Enpass app can download the extension for Firefox 57 and earlier from here and the ones using the bridged app can download the extension for Firefox 56 and earlier from here in Legacy under the browser extension section.

Going forward, we’ll focus on the new bridged app. We’re already working on bringing the familiar UWP features to this app, including modern, touch-friendly UI, Windows Hello, and more. We’ll also work with the team Firefox to bring on the extension for the Firefox 57 and later versions.
The traditional desktop app stays, as is. It is relevant for Windows 7 users for example, who do not have access to Windows Store.
The UWP app will be available on the Windows Store until our next major update. At that time, the bridged app would have all the functionality of the UWP app along with signature Windows 10 experiences. On Windows 10 Mobile, the UWP app that you have at the moment would refresh to the new app without any intervention.
While we recommend using the new bridged app from Windows Store, since all our development efforts are focused on the same and it’s FREE, you may use the UWP app for a while if you prefer the familiarity of it and Windows Hello and Cortana integration.
Still got questions? Feel free to ping us on Twitter (@EnpassApp) or Facebook or start a conversation on Enpass Forums. Also, try out the new app, and make sure you share your feedback via one of these channels.