Moving on to Enpass WebExtension for Firefox.

Mozilla is cutting support for the add-ons from Firefox 57 beta to replace them with powerful WebExtensions. So that our Firefox users can now feel the same joy of smooth browsing with auto-filling, we have rolled out a pre-release version of the all-new Enpass WebExtension that will also support the current stable Firefox browser. To get it work, make sure you also update your Enpass desktop application to latest version 5.6.

Enpass WebExtension for Firefox

Unlike the add-ons on Firefox Store, the new extension will only be available through our Website. All this for the faster delivery of updates. It is very time-consuming and usually takes longer than expected for the new updates to pass through the review process by Firefox team; sometimes due to heavy traffic there.  Days appeared to be like weeks when the update was having security improvements. So, nothing cumbrous in setting up with WebExtension, just download and install it from our website, and you can uninstall the older one.

Well, that’s all for now. If you have any questions or clarifications, you can also drop us a line at and you’re welcome on our community forums to start any discussion. Help us grow by sharing a word about us on Twitter at @EnpassApp or