Discontinuing the support for Enpass on BlackBerry

It was the year 2013, the BlackBerry 10 was launched, we were pretty excited about it and in no time, rolled out Enpass for Blackberry, as a sleek and sophisticated product. It was loved hugely among the audience and was mentioned among the top apps for BlackBerry a couple of times in the media. All was going perfectly fine till the day the BlackBerry CEO, John S. Chen delated– “Blackberry will continue to support BlackBerry 10 for owners of existing devices for a minimum of two years but the company will not be utilizing the operating system on future devices.”

Even after this official disclosure from BlackBerry, we tried to support Enpass and kept it alive on the BlackBerry 10, but it was all like caring for the dying. The lack of app diversity in the BlackBerry pretty much stopped its adoption in the masses. The BlackBerry 10 platform is no longer evolving, so we have had to take this hard decision of stopping the support for Enpass on BlackBerry. We can feel how painful is it to discontinue a successful product where we’ve put in so much hard work and have got appreciated widely by our beloved users.

Well, no one can deny the fact that the mobile operating systems offered by Google and Apple – accounts more than 99 percent of the smartphone sales today, so we would be directing our major development efforts on the evolving mobile platforms used by the majority of people.

From now on, the Enpass app will be no longer available on the BlackBerry World for download, and no further updates will be coming for the existing users. We know you loved the product as much as we do but it is what it is. The basic customer support for the existing users will also be continuing until December 11, 2017, only.

Thank you for your understanding!