Enpass 5.4 for Desktop: Bucketful of Surprises

From the last couple of months, we’ve been working hard on a special update for Enpass desktop editions. We recently rolled out Enpass 5.4 for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and have gotten tremendous feedback from our beta testing community.

So, here we are with the final version of Enpass 5.4 for desktop, available on our website and also on the Mac App Store. There are several features to enhance your productivity without getting in the way. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

Quick Pin unlock:

Everyone hates entering that lengthy, complex master password to unlock Enpass each time. But that’s a thing of the past with the latest version 5.4.

All you have to do is set up a quick alphanumeric PIN using Enpass settings. and whoosh… all done! Further ahead, you can use the PIN to unlock Enpass quickly. Of course, Quick PIN unlock works only if the app is running in the background, else the master password would be required.

The Auto backup:

Are you among those, who don’t sync their data to any cloud and even forget to take backup of updated Enpass data risking data loss. Unfortunately, you’re not alone.

Our new Auto backup feature is exactly for users like these, so that you don’t have to take backup of your data manually, and Enpass will do that for you. Enpass now takes regular backup of your updated data in encrypted form, which you can manage and track very easily. You can also enable/disable this feature any time using Enpass settings.

And not only this, Enpass also creates a list of all the backup files and allows you to restore any one from the list. For more, read How to restore data from Auto backup files here.

CSV/DSV import:

Well, this might be a check mark for us, but a much requested feature from our community of over a million users.

If you’re using some other password manager, and have your data stored in your own customized comma separated, tab separated or any other delimiter separated file. Well, you can import from these files too. All you’d have to do is just follow these simple steps described in user-manual.

Improved field sharing:

Just like Enpass mobile apps, the users of Enpass on the desktop can also now enjoy the selective field sharing. Instead of the whole item, you can now manually select the fields of your choice of any item, and share them easily. This also saves the need of copying these fields manually and sharing them over email. Nifty little feature, eh?

The Subset of password:

Another marquee feature Enpass has incorporated this time is Subset of passwords. Now every time any website (yeah, that bank website too!) asks you to enter the first, fourth, or maybe some special set of characters, you can let Enpass handle that. You can easily generate the subset of any password any time you want… just follow these steps described in user-manual, and you’re all set.

Folder management:

This time, Enpass has enhanced the items and Folder management. Unlike the previous versions, you can now create a sub-folder from the item’s context menu itself and even move or copy the items from any folder/sub-folder to another folder/sub-folder, and can do a lot more with it.

Well, we’ve also got some other enhancements apart from squashing some creepy bugs. To know the specifics, checkout the complete change-log for Mac, Windows and Linux. Give the latest version a try, and share your experience with us on Twitter/Facebook. For any complaints or suggestion of features, head to the Enpass Forums.