Hey Cortana, “Open Enpass”!

It’s a big day for all of us, as we bring another marquee feature to Enpass! The new version of Enpass for Windows v5.2.2 is now officially available on Windows Store.

With this update, Enpass is integrated with your digital assistant, Cortana. And not just this… we’ve also brought some awesome new features and a bit of radical improvements to make your browsing experience more seamless. Can’t wait to know anymore? Let’s get started.

Cortana loves Enpass

“Hey Cortana!” “Open Enpass.”

It’s a go! All you’ve to do is just align the region and language settings to use Cortana (in case you don’t already), launch the Enpass UWP app once, and you’re all set. Cortana integration works on both PCs and phones.

Now whenever you’d need to search any item in Enpass (Facebook, for example), just command Cortana to Search Facebook in Enpass, and all your saved Facebook items in Enpass would show up right away (although you’d have to enter the master password to unlock the App).

There are some other commands as well like Find Facebook in Enpass, and what is interesting is that you can command Cortana in your language. Commands in your language can be found here.

Improved field sharing

Just like Enpass for iOS and Android, the users of Enpass UWP app can now enjoy the selective field sharing. It lets you manually select the fields of your choice of any item and share them easily instead of the whole item. This also saves the need of copying those fields and sharing them over email. Small, but very useful in everyday usage, eh?

We’ve also got some other improvements apart from squashing some creepy bugs. To know the specifics, checkout the complete change-log here.

Of course, like always, all we need is your love and support. Give the latest version a try, and share your experience with us on Twitter/Facebook. For any complaints or suggestion of features, head to our Enpass Forums.