Enpass 5.2: A Productivity Update for iOS and Mac

Hey there, Enpassians! We hope you’ve been liking some of the awesome features we introduced in the previous version of Enpass for iOS and Mac. Well, there’s more coming, and the latest update packs in quite a few features to improve your productivity without getting in the way.

Say hello to TOTPs from Enpass

Enpass 5.2 for iOS and OSX now supports storing the ‘Time-based one-time passwords’ of your login accounts. This was one of the most requested features amongst the Enpass community.
From now on, you don’t need to switch from Enpass to other authenticator Apps for viewing TOTP of your logins. Just stay on Enpass and look for the TOTP field in your item. Steps to add a TOTP by scanning a QR code are described here in user manual.

Say hello to TOTPs from Enpass

Peek and Pop with Enpass

Enpass has now enhanced the 3D Touch support for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. You can easily peek at the item’s detail by giving it a firm press from any list. To see the full detail view, press it firmer. Swipe up the peek screen and you get to see the more actions to copy values and launch URL.


Peek and Pop with Enpass

Improved Safari Extension

In the latest version of Enpass for iOS, the browser extension has been enhanced to improve your productivity. Along with searching the items in the extension, you can now update your passwords from there itself.

Selective Field Sharing (iOS only)

Till the last version of Enpass for iOS, whenever you wanted to share an item, you had to copy the whole item in text file first and then had to manually remove the unwanted fields. Quite a pain, we know. But those days are behind us now. With the latest version, you can manually select the fields of your choice and share them easily. Soon this feature will also be available for Mac and other supported platforms.

Other Features

That’s not all! We’ve got much more in these updates like the new search engine option for the Enpass browser in the iOS version apart from quashing few annoying bugs that some of you reported. To know the specifics, check-out the complete change-log of iOS and MAC.

Like always, we need your support and feedback. Give the latest version a whirl, and share your experience with us on Twitter/Facebook. We are also listening to your complaints, suggestion of Feature requests on our newly released Enpass Forums. Also, don’t forget to review Enpass on App Store too ?

Stay secure and keep using Enpass.