Enpass for Android gets the best ever Autofilling with version 5.2

You know what they say, “The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is that little extra”. That little extra is what we’ve embedded in the version 5.2, and made Enpass stand out of the crowd.
Coming with the best ever Autofill service, Enpass is all set to give you the outrageous experience this time.

Enpass Notification: ‘the time saver’ has arrived!

These are the Notifications, you’ll see at every screen wherever Enpass finds a password field to be filled in. Just a single tap on the Notification, and all your Autofill work is done!

Actually some of our friends were not happy with switching to Enpass Keyboard everytime to do an Autofill. They thought it was quite sluggish. So removing their hurdle, we now have an additional option for an effortless Autofilling (obviously Notifications).
A thing to remember: You’ll need the Android version 5.0 or later on your device to have a relish of Notification.

New advanced keyboard with full fledged Manual-filling

The new, enhanced, and more productive keyboard is here which now not only Autofills the login details, but also got a unique way of manually filling.
Lets just picture this, you are writing a mail and you need to share the bank details that are saved in Enpass. Now what will you do? Obviously, go to Enpass and copy the fields from there. Right? Well no! with the latest version of Enpass, just give a single tap on the Enpass keyboard, unlock the keychain, and there you go! Share the details in a blink. Isn’t it cool? 😀

Notifications or Keyboard, which one should I use?

It’s totally upto you, which one do you want to use. One gives you the easiest way to Autofill, and other also gives you the assistance to manually fill or even share the item details very easily. But unlike the Notifications, to use the Keyboard, you don’t need to enable the Autofill Service in the Android accessibility settings. You can use the manual filling by just enabling the Enpass Keyboard.
So according to your convenience, you can use either one of them (for Autofill) or even both to have fun of both Auto and Manual filling.

The Password Generator you’ve always desired!

Until the previous versions, the pronounceable passwords created by Enpass were not actually pronounceable. Have a look


And now after incorporating the Diceware algorithm in the Password Generator, they look something like


We’ve got some other tweaks too, which will help you to generate super-strong passwords, like this one


As you can see the difference, the passwords generated using Diceware are not only super strong , but they are easy to pronounce too.

The other crucials!

Wait! that’s not all! we’ve got a lots of new features to amaze you this time. Like the TOTP support, which will now allow you to set the Time based OTP for the items of all the categories (except Secure Notes).  Also, the Pin code length has been increased upto 10 digits. To know the specifics, check-out the complete change-log here. Don’t forget to rate Enpass on Play Store, and stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter. In case of any query or suggestion, head straight to our Enpass Forums.

With ❤ from Enpass team!