New avatar of Enpass is on the way

It feels like yesterday when we were having our discussion meeting last summer, analyzing all the feature requests and improvements, and we came out with a decision to implement them in the next major release – Enpass 6. Since it was not possible to add them to the existing architecture so it became a necessity to rewrite the Enpass again from scratch to support the new architecture. The adrenaline rush was quite visible in the team and everyone seemed so enthusiast to make this happen soon. We made the word public and sparkled our users with this exciting news.

Presuming to make the update ready by March 2018, we geared up for the enthralling journey ahead. During the period, we released some important updates in the existing Enpass app e.g, support for attachments, Autofill in Android-O, new Store app for Microsoft Windows 10 and WebExtension for Firefox. Your exciting feedback for all these features kept us motivated and excited for the road ahead. While on course, there surfaced some wicked issues seizing a lion’s share of our attention and the development time. For a quite long time, we kept on trying to support Edge extension in the UWP version but eventually due to missing APIs in Windows, we have to drop that and finally, we came out with an all-new bridged app on Store. Another such time suck emerged when Firefox announced the deprecation of add-ons and we had to work on the Enpass-5 desktop apps again to support the WebExtensions.

All these unwelcomed issues added delay to the presumed timeline of March 2018, and as a result, we get a lot of queries on Twitter and our forum asking about the development progress. Well, we admit there’s been a delay from our side but we assure you that all our team is burning the candles from both ends for Enpass 6 and we believe that at the same development-pace, the beta version would be available by the end of May 2018. So, guys, we believe that your co-operation is there as usual and we promise that something awesome is on the way.

Thanks for your understanding!