Resolved: Autofill in Firefox 57 with the Enpass from Microsoft Store

A few months ago, we made our Win32 desktop app available on the Microsoft Store. It worked seamlessly with all the supported browsers, and of course, was quite appreciated by Enpass users who preferred using Microsoft Edge browser.

But the joy was short-lived since on Firefox, Add-ons were replaced by WebExtensions. The Enpass app stopped working with WebExtension as it was not able to make the connection with the Firefox browser.

The Problem

Enpass WebExtension requires a native component to communicate with the Enpass app using native messaging. All is well in case of Enpass installed from our website as the extension in Firefox can easily communicate with the native messaging component of Enpass, however, there was an issue with the app available on the Store.

Store apps follow the approach called the AppContainer Isolation for added security and trust. Due to the AppContainer Isolation, Enpass app and the native messaging component are inaccessible from the apps in the outer world and so couldn’t communicate with the Firefox WebExtension, throwing a connection error.

The Fix!

But all’s well now since we have a fix to the problem. You just need to install the native messaging component for Enpass from our website, and you’re done.

Installing the standalone add-on component gives it enough privilege to connect to the main Enpass app inside the container, thus allowing the WebExtension to communicate with the Enpass app through native messaging. And it’s done!

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