Enpass 5.0.4 for Linux adds support for Opera extension

With Enpass 5.0.3 for Mac and Windows, we introduced Opera browser extensions. Apologies to our loyal users on Linux, since the functionality was missing and we took quite a while to release major refresh of the iOS and Android apps (You should check them out!) which kept us away from Enpass for Linux.

Enpass 5.0 for Android: Fingerprint support, Autofill, and much more!

We’ve nurtured and groomed Enpass for long, and are very proud of what we’ve achieved as it shines as one of the best cross-platform password management applications. Like zealous sailors on a tough voyage, we’ve sailed really hard to stay on course.

Enpass 5.0 for iOS: Now even better

Thank you for your support for Enpass for iOS all this while that has keep our developers on the toes to take the next leap towards perfection. We’ve packed in too many new features and improved performance even more, so buckle up your seat-belts as we take you on a ride with Enpass 5.0 for iOS in this post.

Enpass 5.0.3 for MAC & Windows welcomes Opera extension to the club and more.

Hello Enpassians! After the release of Enpass 5 for desktops, there were lot of things stacked up here. On one side, we were constantly pitched on our social channels to add new features like Opera extensions and on the other hand we were fidgeting to support Browser extensions on MAC App store version. Now with the release of Enpass 5.0.3 for desktops, we have offloaded some of the piled work and have moved on. Here is whats new for you.

An open call for Beta testers for Enpass 5.0 on Android.

Congratulations Folks! Many of you Enpassians have successfully unlocked the lifetime-pro versions of Enpass for Android during the myAppFree offer period. Cheer up 👍


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