The latest update to Enpass universal Windows app boosts productivity

It’s been our forever motto to make Enpass even more useful to make you more productive, enabling you to get things done without getting in the way.

Introducing Enpass Portable… our on-the-go password manager

On forums, support emails, and on Twitter, we are flooded with requests for a solution where Enpass can work in scenarios where there’s no time (using someone else’s computer, for example) or the ability (in an IT-controlled environment like a library) to download and install the Enpass app.

Enpass 5.4 brings improved user experience to iOS users

The flexibility to adopt new changes and to evolve with the industry innovations makes Enpass truly unique. Whether it's the support for Browser Extensions, support for smartwatches, or even the continuously improving UI, Enpass is, and will always be, the best possible password management experience.

Enpass for Mac and iOS; How it stands above the rest?

Since the release of Enpass in 2013, it’s been our mission to offer the best possible means to securely store, access, and share important credentials across platforms using your preferred cloud service.

An update on the reported vulnerability of Enpass installer

Enpass is based on the core idea of securing your data, and that makes security as one of the core pillars of not just the app, but in everything we do at Enpass. Our experienced team of product managers and developers are committed to security, and work even harder to fix any security issues or flaws at top priority whenever something comes to light.


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