Tip - Four ways to quickly access Enpass items on iOS

There are a lot of awesome features in the iOS that experts can spend hours exploring. And Enpass has incorporated a few of them so efficiently that once you master them, it's gonna change the way you use Enpass today.

Enpass portable 5.5- The major update is here!

Yes, this is big. The update we've launched today- version 5.5, has got an entire universe of features in it. Be it the support for attaching files, the support of Quick pin unlock, and even the most desired, Touch ID and Touch bar support for the new MacBook Pro, this version has got every single feature that our desktop app has incorporated in the last few months.

Enpass introduces Touch ID and Touch Bar support for the new MacBook Pro

We’re hoping you’ve got the latest update of Enpass that brings support for file attachments. This much-requested feature is available for Enpass users across platforms.

However, we’ve got one more thing for our Enpass for Mac users.

Apple recently introduced Touch ID sensor and Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro, and if you’ve got one of those already, you can now enjoy a seamless Enpass experience. The Enpass for Mac v5.5.2 now supports Touch ID and Touch Bar. It’s pretty neat, but don’t take our word for it. Just grab the update, and see for yourself!

Enpass 5.5 allows you to securely attach files to your items

We started our journey in 2012 with a password manager app for a single platform, and have grown to be one of the leading cross-platform password managers.

Enpass allows you to check the history of your passwords

Imagine you’re changing the password on a website. You generate the new password using the built-in Password Generator of Enpass, but you realize that the new password is not accepted for some reason. You could, of course, generate a new one specifying your preferred recipe and mix of alphabets, numbers, and special characters aligned with website’s requirement.

However, when you proceed to try the new one, you are required to enter your old password, which has now been overwritten by this new one you generated. Ouch! The only option for you to get access now is by going through the annoying and time-consuming ‘Forgot Password’ drill. 

Don’t fret, because Enpass has got your back!

Every password you change and the passwords of every newly saved login items get recorded into password history of that particular password field in the Enpass app as well as the password history of Enpass extension. Very cool, right?
You can also see the name of the domains of recently created passwords in the password history of Enpass Extension.
To see the password history, click the Password Generator icon and a pop-up window will appear.


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