An update on the reported vulnerability of Enpass for Android

One of our beloved user Andre Dierker, reported a vulnerability in Enpass for Android, where in some situations, Enpass on Android was being presented with a vulnerability where the last edited item was being saved inside the app sandbox in data.xml in plaintext. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to access that particular item on a rooted device.

An update on the reported vulnerability regarding WER in Enpass for Windows PC

A few days back, a security flaw was reported by Renato Marinho, in Enpass for traditional Windows, where when crashed, heap dump file of Enpass was generated by Windows Error Reporting feedback infrastructure, which might contain sensitive data. This has been fixed in the v5.5.6.

Tip - Four ways to quickly access Enpass items on iOS

There are a lot of awesome features in the iOS that experts can spend hours exploring. And Enpass has incorporated a few of them so efficiently that once you master them, it's gonna change the way you use Enpass today.

Enpass portable 5.5- The major update is here!

Yes, this is big. The update we've launched today- version 5.5, has got an entire universe of features in it. Be it the support for attaching files, the support of Quick pin unlock, and even the most desired, Touch ID and Touch bar support for the new MacBook Pro, this version has got every single feature that our desktop app has incorporated in the last few months.

Enpass introduces Touch ID and Touch Bar support for the new MacBook Pro

We’re hoping you’ve got the latest update of Enpass that brings support for file attachments. This much-requested feature is available for Enpass users across platforms.

However, we’ve got one more thing for our Enpass for Mac users.

Apple recently introduced Touch ID sensor and Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro, and if you’ve got one of those already, you can now enjoy a seamless Enpass experience. The Enpass for Mac v5.5.2 now supports Touch ID and Touch Bar. It’s pretty neat, but don’t take our word for it. Just grab the update, and see for yourself!


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