Russian cyber robbery; Safeguard your data through Enpass, now on 50% off with free desktop version.

A new and biggest Security Breach hit the cyber world and have given our security inspectors a jaw dropping experience.'Russian Gang Steals 1.2B Passwords from 420k Websites'. Luckily, the hackers didn’t sell this information but are using them to spam the social media networks of the website owners.

Smart ways of thinking smart passwords

Nowadays security breaches happen so often that every month or so news reports get flooded with them. Every such event becomes a nightmare and put us in updating ourselves towards better security. Though we all think that we are geared up but the same is also true for the hackers. They are bringing in more advanced tools of cracking passwords like Brutus, RainbowCrack, Wfuzz etc and have learnt more than they should. So demand of time is to develop some Extra Smartness in terms of account security and this should come at the first stage and i.e. thinking Strong unguessable passwords.


It seems like yesterday when we introduced Enpass. With nervous hearts we were just wondering how users would gonna take it. But then the support we witnessed was totally mesmerising. A big thanks to all of you for choosing n trusting Enpass  !!! 

We got a superb platform and firm belief on our capabilities after winning the Nokia Create Master Mission ( work life master mission) and decided never to turn back. Your constant feedback and praises were our stepping-stones and motivated us to do better and better.

Stepping from Password Keeper to Enpass

Most of the people who are using Blackberry devices also use Password Keeper to store all their logins. Password keeper sits in BB devices since the time of old qwerty devices.There was a time when Blackberry devices were ubiquitous but today all the three software giants have very good market acceptance (Yes, I am talking about Apple, Microsoft and Google).

BlackBerry’s new range of BB-10 devices is awesome and of-course, you guys love your 10s. No doubt that along with your BB10 device you might be using other platforms also. But unfortunately Password Keeper exists for BB only. So while browsing on PC, the only way left is to type passwords manually. Isn’t it very time consuming, especially when you have to login to many websites daily?

Enpass is a native and cross platform password manager; available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, MAC OSX and Windows PC. Like Password keeper you can secure your data locally which is protected by most secure AES-256 bit encryption. Moreover if you want to go cross platform with secure and easy sharing of your information, there is an option to sync securely through your personal cloud storage on Dropbox, Box, Onedrive and Google Drive. With Enpass you don’t need to worry about privacy and security of your data as nothing is stored on our servers.

What is better with Enpass?
Enpass has lot of features that altogether makes your life easy when it comes to secure and manage all life important information securely.
Add anything: Its more than a password manager application. It stores all kind of information from logins to credit card details, license to bank accounts and much more.
Auto-login: The built-in Enpass browser autofills your login details without leaving Enpass and that not only makes your browsing convenient but also safe and secure .
Better Management: Categories and folders give you more freedom to manage your data as you want that to be.
Auto Sync: Don't limit your data upto BB only as Enpass supports sync with major clouds and allows your data availability on multi-platforms.
Better Customization: Create fields of your own type to with your favorite icon.
Migrating from Password Keeper to Enpass is straightforward process, just a click away.

Enpass is not at all bleeding with Heartbleed

Everything you do online from browsing, shopping, communicating and even banking is totally based on safety of your passwords and identities from rest of the world. Recent Heartbleed bug was a big blow on that safety and everything that meant to be very personal and secure was at risk. Did I say everything? OK , let me elaborate the word “everything”. Everything means the information that supposed to be encrypted and inaccessible during communication with most of the secure websites. In other words, heartbleed bug removed ’S’ for security from HTTPS protocol). 


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