Supercharge your password manager with periodic audits

password audit

As we sign up for more and more online services every day, we have a forever increasing number of passwords and other credentials. With data breaches a common occurrence these days, it is pertinent to keep a regular check on your passwords.

Since a lot of us are working at home, it’s probably a good time to indulge into some ‘spring cleaning’ of sorts. It’s a good idea to spend 10-15 minutes every month on your password manager so as to declutter your experience and benefit from uncompromised security.

Change your weak and compromised passwords

Much has been said about the need for strong and unique passwords. Yet, every publicized data breach incident reveals that many people still opt for weak and common passwords.

Use the built-in Password Audit feature of Enpass to check for weak passwords. Passwords that are found as pwned (or compromised in public data breach) will also be listed as weak.

While Enpass helps you in generating strong passwords, in case of a data breach, those secure and unique passwords could also be compromised. Enpass allows you to check your passwords against a database of breached passwords – maintained by Have I Been Pwned. These passwords are, of course, at much higher risk and should not be used anymore.

Use unique passwords

Using the same password in multiple online accounts is a bad practice and puts your security at risk because if any one of these accounts gets compromised in any manner, all other accounts with same login credentials are at risk as well.

Again, the Password Audit will help you list all the items having matching passwords. All such items will be separated by list headers mentioning the first two letters of password and count of such items.

It’s a good idea to change all the identified identical passwords with strong and unique passwords which you can create using the built-in password generator in Enpass.

Archive old items

Often you end up with credentials of accounts and services that you no longer use but would rather not delete just in case you need those in future. An old bank account, an online publication that you don’t subscribe to anymore, or a local business in the city you were visiting, for example.

Instead of moving these items to Trash, you can archive the items. These items will be removed from your main list but will be available in the Archive section for you to restore if you happen to need them in the future.

Organize your information better

Sometimes, it is a good idea to go all Marie Kondo on your password manager. Enpass offers you a variety of ways for you to organize your credentials for better navigation and experience.

There are two ways to organize and manage your data – Tags and Categories.

Tags allow you to organize your data in your own way while Categories include pre-defined templates to store your information in the appropriate manner. For example, while you can use the ‘Credit Cards’ category to store all information of all your credit cards, you can tag all the cards issued by your organizations as ‘work’.

You can also favorite items that you need regularly (primary email account, everyday use credit card, et al) for quicker access. Check out the steps to organize and manage your credentials better.

These are a few simple ways in which you can organize your data better and declutter the information to supercharge your password manager. Do you have such maintenance routines? Tell us on Twitter at @EnpassApp or on Facebook. Stay safe, and be well.