How often should you change password?

How often should you change password

Everybody has at least two email IDs that they use commonly; one for business, and one for personal work. Once the account creation obligations are done, the chances that the user will reset password in the near future are bare minimum. Excessive of anything can be strenuous and the habit to frequently change password is no different. Here are a few guidelines on how often you should change password and reset it to a not-so-easy-to-hack code:

1) Gauge the right time to change password

While some studies recommend users to change password every 30-45 days, it is understandably grueling to do so. But there are some key instances when you should reset password immediately:

  • When your email provider alerts you to a suspicious login.
  • When you have realized that there’s a virus, spyware or malware on the system you use.
  • If you have been logging in from a device that other people access.
  • You’ve lost a device that has your account(s) logged in.

2) Tactics to reset password

Running out of strong codes while one opts to change email password is a conventional scenario. This is where a password manager like Enpass can come in handy. It creates robust password combinations as well as save them on devices thus sparing the user from the fret of forgetting it.

Once the mandatory change password ritual is carried out, topping the process with an additional security feature named ‘multi-factor authentication’ is recommended. This safety method allows the user to set a phone number as a back-up to receive codes when they forget passwords.

3) Stay on top of password changes

In Enpass, the user can track when the passwords of respective emails were changed. Additionally, a good password manager can audit passwords to notify about the ones that are vulnerable. This way, the user can update them to safer ones, store them and have a record of changed email passwords.

In today’s digitally dominated era, hacking is common thus demanding the users to be vigilant.

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