Introducing Enpass 6; Crafted with the spirit of Himalayas

Today is the day, we’ve all been waiting for since a while – not just at Enpass, but across our community of Enpassians worldwide. Yes, it’s the day when we are releasing Enpass 6 on all the platforms. After the release of the first beta in June this year, we thought that this awesome day will come soon but, it took a bit longer than expected. The real challenge here for us was to deliver it with the same awesomeness and consistency across all the platforms, which you guys have always been fond of. Thank-you guys, for all your love!

It all started with a dream

After the propitious success and massive adoption of Enpass 5 worldwide, the list of feature-requests was getting fatter day by day, and imagining Enpass with all of them had become daydreaming for us. Now, our awesome Enpass 5 started looking like a mere kid in front of what we were dreaming.

To clean up our thoughts and to recharge ourselves, last year, we planned an offsite trekking tour in the remote, grand Himalayas. After a long day hiking, sitting around the bonfire, we were back on to discuss that fat list; what to have and what to exclude from Enpass 6. Decided, that once we’re back at our workplace, we’ll go ahead and shift gears for next level. But now the challenge was even bigger! Some of the features we were planning were so deeply dependent on the design and architecture that required us to re-write the Enpass with a new architecture… our new summit to reach. The spirit of the hills, the high of the long trek we had managed, and the want of a new challenge made us take the plunge. We knew it’s going to be a grand update, Grand like the Himalayas, that we named Enpass 6 as the Himalayan Edition as an ode to how it came about.

What’s new that we are talking about here!

Of course not a couple of few features.  Here we go:

All new design and security model

The biggest improvement over Enpass 5 has happened actually under the skin at the core level– the new Enpass engine with whole new security layout. We have moved from PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA1 to PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 and iterations have been bumped-up to 100K. It is written entirely in C++ to ensure proper memory hygiene. The same core is shared across all platforms to make sure any update or change gets reflected immediately. Browser extensions now require pairing before usage and browser/extension communication channel is truly encrypted. You can browse more about security here in the white paper.

Audited by Third Party

Another thing for which you would literally blow a lot of kisses to us!! Yes, the single most thing you dreamed of for Enpass – A security audit by the third party. You kept on asking for this in our Forums and we had no answers?.  But now, we can proudly vouch for it??. Enpass 6 is audited by a company called VerSprite from Atlanta, US and here is their Assesment report.

Multiple Vaults

Enpass 5 was limited by design to work with a single vault and the ability to work with multiple databases was one of the top requests that led to the birth of Enpass 6.  Now you can have different vaults for personal and work credentials or for different clients with whom you can collaborate over a common, shared cloud account. Each of your vaults requires a different cloud account to sync with. You can read more about having Multiple vaults and how they work in Enpass, here.

New Beautiful Design

Let’s start with the first thing you’ll come across while using Enpass 6; the new design. While the Android app will give you a whole new UI experience, the iOS app will give you more adaptability, as this time, we’ve redesigned it completely, the way you work with iOS apps– Compact, productive, all packed in four tabs at the bottom. Plus, the apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android are also coming in the dark theme. Yes, finally!

Better Autofilling Experience

The former Enpass Helper utility is now Enpass Assistant. Unlike the Enpass Helper, the new Enpass Assistant runs as a single process with the main app for better memory management and allows you to quickly access your items or edit them from within your browser. There’s also Multi-fields Autofilling which will enable autofill on the web-pages having more than two fields to log in. For the steps to use the assistant, head straight to our user-manual.

More control over Categories, Templates, and Icons

The desktop version of Enpass 6 brings one of the most demanded features; Custom Categories and Templates. You’re now allowed to define your own categories and templates under the customize section in the settings.

Also, as was much requested by our users, you can add customized icons while adding a new item.

Windows Hello

Hello Windows users! You would love to see the new avatar of Enpass 6 Bridged-app, in the looks of UWP apps. Also, it’s an end of the hassle of entering the master password every time to log into Enpass; you can now use “Windows Hello” preferably on your Bridged app.

Better Import from other Software

For Non-Enpasssians, Enpass 6 would prove to be a very good opportunity to join the club, even if you’re using any other password manager. We now support importing data from 14 other password managers and your own custom CSV file. You can do it using the Free desktop version of Enpass which do not restrict you in keeping any number of items or syncing to your cloud.

Secure Sharing

Now from Enpass 6, you can share an item with other Enpass users by encrypting it with your own Pre-defined, PSK (Pre-Shared Key). The person having the prior knowledge of your PSK can only add the item to his Enpass database and can access it.

Keyfile Support for Unlocking Enpass

To add extra randomness to your Master Password, now you can use a KeyFile in Enpass. A KeyFile gets appended to your Master Password before the actual encryption or decryption of your data happens. So, even if someone, somehow gets access to your data and your Master password is also compromised (a worst case scenario), your data is still safe as the KeyFile (stored on your device) is required to decrypt your data.

Trash and Archive

There’s also the new Trash and Archive paradigm. All the items you delete in Enpass will be moved to Trash first, allowing you to recover the accidentally deleted items. You can also archive the items which are no longer in use, and you don’t want them to appear in search results. Read here for more details on Trash & Archive.


It’s a Free Update, Enpassians!

Yes, as we promised, Enpass 6 comes as a free update to existing iOS and Android users. Cheers!!! ?

Added Premium Feel to Desktops

This is the first time, we have added some Premium Features into desktop versions of Windows and Mac at the cost of $11.99 (Available at 50% sale price $5.99 for a limited time). But that doesn’t mean, that like mobile siblings of Enpass there is a limitation of 20 items in the Free Desktop version. You can still add as many items you want, sync with the cloud of your choice at no cost. It still Free! The only Premium features are some extra goodies like Creation of custom Categories & templates with unlocking through Windows Hello or Touch ID on Macbooks.

Holiday Season Sale is ON

For a limited time, we have dropped the price of Enpass 6 to $5.99/platform for lifetime license.

If you have not purchased it yet, you can get it at 50% off. Read more about pricing of Enpass here on our website. Happy Holidays!! ??


Well, dear Enpassians, thank-you again for your love and support to make this day happen for us. Also, we would like to say super-thanks to all our beta users?, who helped us in squshing the creepy bugs in the beta versions released so far and bringing in trust in us to get over with the migration phobia involving drastic changes in core architecture.☺️ We love you!!

As always we’re always looking for feedback. If you have something to share, drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook. If you’re looking for help, shoot us an email at, or better still, engage with the Enpass community on our Forums.