Enpass Assistant

Enpass Assistant is the main Enpass app in its minified form and can be invoked anytime from the system tray in Windows & Linux, and from the status menu bar in macOS. Also, you can set a system-wide Hotkey to summon Enpass at your command anytime you need.

Enpass assistant lets you do the basic functions like searching and viewing items, copying information, generating passwords, etc. but it comes very handy while doing the autofill using browser extensions.

Attributes of Assistant

The following options are available in the Enpass Assistant:

  1. Vault switching: If you have set up multiple vaults, you’ll see an option to switch between them using the vault-switcher icon.

  2. Item listing: Assistant presents the list of items from selected vault using the following tabs in the sidebar in the same order as

    • Recently used items from the Home button.
    • Favorite items.
    • Credit cards.
    • Identities.
  3. Adding Items: Open Enpass browser extension, and click on the ‘+’ button to add a new item. Enter the details and click Save.

  4. Edit Existing Items: Open Enpass Extension, and select the item you want to edit or update.

    • Click on the ‘i’ button to open the item’s detail page.
    • Click on the Edit button (Pencil logo) displayed on the top of the extension page.
    • Enter the details and click on Save after editing.
  5. Locking Enpass: Clicking on the Lock button will instantly lock the Enpass database.

  6. Password Generation: Anytime if you need a strong password, you can invoke assistant to use the built-in Password generator. You can use password history to view the history of passwords for a particular item.

  7. Other options: Under the ≡ menu, you will see options to open main Enpass app, modify Enpass browser settings and Quit Enpass. If you’re invoking assistant from the Browser extensions in any browser an additional option to save the web form will display.