Let’s make password managers ubiquitous! #NeverTypePasswords

Over a million users across the world use Enpass on a variety of devices running on different platforms. A lot of you also use other passwords managers – some of them are fine products, we agree.

But this is not about Enpass, but about everyone who uses a password manager.

First up, big props to you for understanding the need for strong, unique passwords on the Web. Second, you’ve realized that by using password managers to store complex passwords, you don’t have to remember them or type them yourself when needed (which in turn allows you to use stronger passwords). Security experts too encourage the use of password managers which allows for the use of complex and unique passwords.

However, some developers are spoiling our party.

We’ve seen a lot of users of password managers complain about some apps and websites that do not allow pasting a password from the clipboard. It is medieval security practice that is irrelevant today. The forced typing means that users are forced to use easier, memorable passwords – totally against the idea of using password managers in the first place.

And this needs to stop. We want you to #NeverTypePasswords.

If your bank or email service or favorite app does not allow you to type passwords on the pretext of security, call them out. Send them link to this post, tell us about them in the comments, and tweet about them with the hashtag #NeverTypePasswords.

On our part, we’ll compile a list, and reach out to them, educating them about the need to allow pasting passwords.

Let’s make the internet a better and secure place to be in. Let’s make password managers – Enpass and others – ubiquitous!