Use Enpass keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity

Sometimes the things you’re looking for are right under your nose. Enpass offers some really handy keyboard shortcuts that can boost your productivity if used well. Not many people know that there are several shortcuts that work with the browser extension as well.

The keyboard shortcuts are very useful when you need to copy any link, username or password from the Enpass app while using the extension. Instead of going through the tedious process of first searching the item in the extension, and then clicking the ⓘ icon to fetch details, you can simply hit the shortcut, and done.
For example, while using Enpass for Windows, if you’d like to copy the username, just hit Ctrl+Shift+U, and for copying the password, hit Ctrl+Shift+P. Easy peasy!

But that’s not all. There’s a long list of dedicated shortcuts for almost every small action possible in Enpass. You can check all those out in the user manual here.  You’d be surprised to find several nifty ones that you can use every day to do more in less time seamlessly.

Happy Enpassing!