Upgrading to iOS 8: Beware of enabling iCloud Drive for Unperturbed Enpass Sync!

Apple’s iOS 8 launches today. Before you jump to grab your software update, here is a word to the wise.

Don’t upgrade your iCloud to iCloud Drive just yet.

Why shouldn’t you upgrade to iCloud Drive at the moment?

iCloud Drive is to replace iCloud, instead of maintaining compatibility with it. And the content stored on iCloud Drive would only be accessible from two platforms, iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite (yet to be released). This means that when you install iOS 8 and enable iCloud Drive, sync between your Mac and iOS device would break, until Yosemite is made available.

What if you have already upgraded to iCloud Drive?

There is no way of getting back to iCloud once you have clicked that upgrade icon. A breath of fresh air for Enpass users on Apple devices- Enpass supports Dropbox syncing too! Enable Dropbox sync from settings on both iOS and Mac, and this issue will be resolved! Your password manager would continue to run smoothly, securing your private data as always.