Russian cyber robbery; Safeguard your data through Enpass, now on 50% off with free desktop version.

A new and biggest Security Breach hit the cyber world and have given our security inspectors a jaw dropping experience.‘Russian Gang Steals 1.2B Passwords from 420k Websites’. Luckily, the hackers didn’t sell this information but are using them to spam the social media networks of the website owners.

How Enpass is a saviour?
1) Enpass stores your data on your device not on any of our servers, that’s why there is no probability that hackers can inject that bad sql and can steal away your data as they did in this attack because we respect your security and our solution doesn’t rely on online storage and procedures.
2) With the strong password generator, Enpass gives you the benefit to generate strong, hard to guess, unique passwords for every website, that significantly reduces the chances of password theft of multiple websites (using the same passwords) at a time.

Enpass is always there to help you!
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