Smart ways of thinking smart passwords

Nowadays security breaches happen so often that every month or so news reports get flooded with them. Every such event becomes a nightmare and put us in updating ourselves towards better security. Though we all think that we are geared up but the same is also true for the hackers. They are bringing in more advanced tools of cracking passwords like Brutus, RainbowCrack, Wfuzz etc and have learnt more than they should. So demand of time is to develop some Extra Smartness in terms of account security and this should come at the first stage and i.e. thinking Strong unguessable passwords.

What makes a Strong password?

Strong Passwords are unique combo of ten letters including alphabets, digits and special characters which makes them unguessable. Dictionary words, date of births and names of people are ‘big no-no’. So you need to have a different approach.

How to think of a Smart password?

It is not a rocket science rather its a cake walk. With the below mentioned some super easy tips, you can easily master in this art.

Tip1 : Fond of something? It can be a Sport, TV Show, book or any celebrity. Try mix & match :

  • TV show with timings and no. of days it is telecasted : 8@Friends-7
  • Book with Author and your reading time : Paulo@alchemist-6

Unguessable…Isn’t it?

Tip2 : First, think of a thing, date, phrase, event, place or anything that 
is unique only to you.

Now replace :
a -> @
e -> 3
i -> !
S -> $
Try it to get a new, unguessable password.

Tip3 : Your life events can also secure your accounts:

For example: Mom-Dad Anniversary on 5 April 1985
And your smart password is ready .

Tip4 : Take a phrase you love and let it help you in getting a strong password:

For example:
Enpass@4 is the best password manager I am using.
now take first letter of each word : E@4itbpmIau
And here you have the new strong password .

Best Way To Generate Strong Password

If you are still short of passwords and worried about how to remember them, Enpass is there to help you. With Enpass’s built in password generator you can get very strong and unguessable passwords with just a click. You can create your own recipe of unique passwords for very website with combo of alphabets, digits and special characters. Moreover you don’t need to remember them as they are protected behind single master password and you have to remember only that.

Easy for you & of course, complicated for hackers. So from now ‘play with words, befriend Enpass & stay safe using smart passwords’.