5 Easy Steps to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

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We all think that our passwords are strong enough for any hacker to breach. However, accounts having an interest of someone good at their hacking game are an invitation unless the right password strategy is used.

One of the key contributors to a data breach is the connection to an unsecured public wi-fi. Here are a few other steps that you can take to supplement and augment your online safety :

1. Use Password Generator

Hackers sniff through the unsecured public wi-fi to get hands on the ID and password of an account and use the same combination on different accounts. Therefore, not keeping the same password for all your accounts is a must for online safety. Racking your brains to crack a sturdy one for every portal can be a cumbersome process if you don’t opt for a password generator. Password generator, as the name suggests, creates a complex password that is difficult to crack while maintaining the parameters set by the user into consideration.

2. Use VPN service

As public wi-fi is highly unsecured, a hacker can without much of a stretch do the session hijacking revealing confidential data. For that reason, it is very important to enhance the security of the data traffic and the transmission between the user and the web using VPNs.

3. Use a good antivirus

Keep your systems up to date and loaded with dependable antivirus and firewalls.

4. Beware of malicious pop-ups

  • Another ordinary mistake is clicking on anything that pops on the screen while browsing on public connections. A random click can end up being a security threat to your passwords. Know whom to trust.
  • While browsing online confirm that you are browsing on an HTTPS website. Heed to the label warning that says ‘Not Secure’ as those websites can be a phishing one.

5. Encrypt your Password Storage

As manual password management is time-consuming and keeping passwords in a text file format is highly unsafe, find a good password manager which not only manages all your data but also offers strong encryption.

The world runs on data and all the data is shielded by passwords. With hackers getting smarter every day, it takes a tool to outsmart the potential threats that loom over passwords. Certainly, free public wi-fi is always a delight to any internet user, but is it worth the risk?

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