Enpass portable 5.5- The major update is here!

Yes, this is big. The update we’ve launched today- version 5.5, has got an entire universe of features in it. Be it the support for attaching files, the support of Quick pin unlock, and even the most desired, Touch ID and Touch bar support for the new MacBook Pro, this version has got every single feature that our desktop app has incorporated in the last few months.

Well, if you’re already using our desktop app, and don’t want to go through the entire post (I’m assuming you’re already familiar with these features), then you can just grab the latest version from our website. Rest, fasten your seat belts, we’re just about to take off into the Enpass portable universe in our virtual time-space machine. PS, carry some puff-corns with you.

Your secure digital locker

Just like the desktop and mobile versions of Enpass, the portable version too now offers the entirely new way of storing data allowing you to attach files of any type. It could be the image of your passport, credit card, or any similar confidential file that you need to have on you frequently. For the steps to add files to your Enpass items, check out the user manual for desktop apps.

All good, yes, but there are a few things you’d need to take care of. All the files you attach to Enpass items get stored in the Enpass keychain, and storing too many files might slow down the syncing of your data to the cloud. So, be conscious of that and for a smooth syncing experience, as usual, avoid adding unnecessary files. We’re also taking care of this from our end, and there’s a limitation of maximum allowed size of 200KB per attachment to keeping the database size in check.

When you’re attaching images, you’ll be presented with the extra set of options to crop, rotate, and rename the images. Also, large images will automatically be compressed by Enpass before being saved in the keychain.

Quick Pin Unlock

Everyone hates entering that lengthy, complex master password to unlock Enpass each time. But that’s a thing of the past with the latest version 5.5.

All you have to do is set up a quick alphanumeric PIN using Enpass settings. and whoosh… all done! Further ahead, you can use the PIN to unlock Enpass quickly. Of course, Quick PIN unlock works only if the app is running in the background, else the master password would be required.

CSV/DSV import

Well, this might be a check mark for us, but a much-requested feature from our community of over a million users.

If you’re using some other password manager, or have your data stored in your own customized comma separated, tab separated or any other delimiter separated file, well, you can import from these files too. All you’d have to do is just follow these simple steps described in the user manual.

Improved field sharing

Just like Enpass desktop apps, the users of the Enpass portable can also now enjoy the selective field sharing. Instead of the whole item, you can now manually select the fields of your choice of any item, and share them easily. This also saves the need of copying these fields manually and sharing them over email. Nifty little feature, eh?

The Subset of Password

Another marquee feature Enpass has incorporated this time is Subset of passwords. Now every time any website (yeah, that bank website too!) asks you to enter the first, fourth, or maybe some special set of characters, you can let Enpass handle that. You can easily generate the subset of any password any time you want… just follow these steps described in the user manual, and you’re all set.

Folder management

This time, Enpass has enhanced the items and Folder management. Unlike the previous versions, you can now create a sub-folder from the item’s context menu itself and even move or copy the items from any folder/sub-folder to another folder/sub-folder, and can do a lot more with it.

Of course, there are some other enhancements apart from squashing some creepy bugs, too. Like we’ve empowered the password strength indicator with Dropbox zxcvbn to check you from choosing weak passwords. To know the specifics, check out the complete change-log for here. Give the latest version a try, and share your experience with us on Twitter/Facebook. For any complaints or suggestion of features, head to the Enpass Forums.