Enpass 5.4 brings improved user experience to iOS users

The flexibility to adopt new changes and to evolve with the industry innovations makes Enpass truly unique. Whether it’s the support for Browser Extensions, support for smartwatches, or even the continuously improving UI, Enpass is, and will always be, the best possible password management experience.

Like always, this time also, we’ve got a bunch of new surprises for you. Let’s delve into them now.

A new Welcome!

With the latest update, we’ve now entirely changed the way Enpass welcomes you. With every new setup or restoration, you’ll see the dynamic welcome screen (which would tell you about the unique Enpass experience) and the all new quick setup page, which will allow you to enable Touch-ID and cloud sync right there. We’ve also added an option for the new users to start using Enpass with a list of some sample items which one can delete afterwards.

Improved user-experience

The new version brings an improved user-experience. Unlike the previous versions, you can now generate the super strong passwords from the Enpass extension itself. Not only this, instead of sharing the whole item, you can now manually select an item’s fields to be displayed on your Apple Watch.

We’ve also introduced an entirely new Enpass URL Scheme through which you can create a link to any Enpass item and access the item directly through that link. You can get this URL from the item’s details screen. Also, we ‘ve added an item action (Peek+Swipe up) to directly copy the TOTP when you peek into any item.

Of course, that’s not all. Apart from squashing some creepy bugs, we’ve got several new options. To know the specifics, check out the complete change-log here.

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With ❤ from everyone at Enpass.