Enpass for Mac and iOS; How it stands above the rest?

Since the release of Enpass in 2013, it’s been our mission to offer the best possible means to securely store, access, and share important credentials across platforms using your preferred cloud service.

With several milestones along the way, Enpass is the best offline password manager right now, evolving everyday with industry innovations like biometric authentication, two-factor authentication, smart watches et al.

If you’re in the Apple ecosystem and use an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac, Enpass is an obvious choice for password management. With the free desktop version and cross-platform availability for any other devices that you may have, Enpass offers Touch ID support, TOTP (Time-based One Time Password) support, browser extensions, and of course, the support for Apple Watch. Feature by feature, Enpass competes with the best, and offers the best value across the board.

Password manager comparision

Most cost-effective password manager

Looking for a password manager that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? Enpass is for you!

Unlike other password managers in the market that charge a huge amount (up to $60) for desktop editions or trap you into a regular subscription fee, Enpass for Mac, the full-featured desktop version (yes, with the support for browser extensions), is available for free. Zilch. Nothing.

If you want to have Enpass on your iPhone, we got you covered with a trial version that lets you save up to 20 items for free. Upgrade for just $9.99, that gives you a lifetime license of Enpass for iOS for the signature Enpass experience and sync your data with the free desktop apps – Enpass for Mac/Windows/Linux.

For Anything and Everything

Enpass is an all things secured bucket because it not only secures your passwords, but also your credit card details, bank account information, passport, and other important data. You can categorize and store your data using more than 70 templates in Enpass – safe and secure, locally on your device.

In the last few months, we’ve refined the overall user experience of the apps to offer you a seamless UI and navigation on the Mac or on your iPhone. If you move to a different platform – Windows, Linux, Android – you’re greeted with the similar Enpass experience with negligible learning curve.

Advanced Password Generator

The need to have strong passwords and keep changing them regularly has been established, and reiterated several times. Of course, knowing it is not all.

And that’s where Enpass comes to the rescue. Our unique Password Generator offers a variety of options to create passwords. With the integration of the well-known Diceware algorithm, it lets you create a very strong, yet pronounceable, password for every single sign-up you do. Additionally, you can audit your weak, duplicate, and old passwords and replace them with new and strong ones anytime.

The Best of Apple experience

Enpass is deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem, and constantly evolving with what macOS and iOS have to offer. Whether it’s the Peek & Pop, 3D Touch, and of course, the Touch ID, we’ve baked them all in as part of the Enpass experience. There’s also support for Apple Watch!

Enpass loves Apple

Enpass is deeply integrated with the Apple ecosystem. With every minor to major update in iOS or MAC, we update the Enpass accordingly. So whether its the peek & pop, 3D-Touch and yes obviously, the Touch-ID, Enpass supports them all.

Easy Import from others

While you may like what Enpass has to offer on a platform of your choice, one of the common barriers in trying out a new product is that you have all your data stored on another and the effort of adding everything all over again is a bummer.

But that’s not a roadblock for Enpass. You can switch to Enpass, and import your data very easily from a wide range of password managers. Every week, we have plenty of users who switch from other popular password managers to Enpass and give us a shout out on our Facebook and over at Twitter.

The bottom line

If you use an Apple device in conjunction with other devices, with Enpass, you don’t have to worry. In today’s world, users have a variety of devices on their desk, in their hand, and even on their wrist – and Enpass is all in across the board. All your platforms are belong to us!

With every update, we get even better, and very soon, we’ll release the most demanded feature from the Enpass community – support for attachments.

Got questions? Ping us on Facebook or Twitter, or join a discussion on our Enpass Forums.