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I had set up vault sync with OneDrive in Enpass before v6.4. How to restore data in a vault?

Enpass v6.4 comes with new OneDrive APIs, that store Enpass vault’s encrypted database over a different location on the OneDrive in contrast to earlier. When you choose to restore data from OneDrive, then Enpass will search for data in the folder ‘Enpass 1’. If Enpass is unable to locate the folder, it looks for data in the earlier folder ‘Enpass’ (created before v6.4). If the app finds data in the folder named Enpass, it shows a ‘Restore’ option on the screen. Tap on the Restore option, and your data will be restored successfully.

Once, the data restore is complete, Enpass will then sync your data to the new folder Enpass 1 on OneDrive.

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