Choose your own safest place to store passwords

Your data belongs to you. Enpass enables you to store and sync passwords wherever is best for you — iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, NextCloud, WebDAV, or completely offline.

offline password manager

You were not born to remember passwords

Create one master password and let Enpass take care of the rest. Logins, credit cards, ID cards and other important information stored in one safe place.

strong password manager

Create strong passwords

single-click log-in password manager

Log in to any app or website with a single click
secure online shopping

Secure online shopping

Automatically fill in payment details when shopping online and protect yourself from phishing attacks.

password audit

Password audit

Do a regular health check to filter out your weak, compromised, old and expired passwords.

multiple vaults


Keep everything organized with separate profiles for work, personal and family, and give family access to everything they need.

multiple templates

A place for everything

Choose from a library of 80+ built-in templates to store credit cards, passports, driving licenses, insurance documents and more.

Compatible with the cloud storage you already use

Enpass is an OFFLINE password manager. Instead of keeping a cloud full of user data for criminal hackers to target, Enpass encrypts your passwords in vaults stored and synced using on your own cloud accounts. Or you can sync between devices via Wi-Fi and skip the cloud completely.

Dropbox cloud storage
iCloud cloud storage
Google drive cloud storage
Google Drive
onedrive cloud storage
box cloud storage
webdav cloud storage
Nextcloud cloud storage

Personal & Family

Simplify your life by storing everything at one place using one Master Password.

personal password manager


Keep your organization secure by storing and sharing sensitive data within the local IT infrastructure.

business password manager

Have existing passwords?

Import them in Enpass
Use the desktop app to automatically import your existing passwords from Chrome browser, Excel spreadsheets, CSV or other password managers.

Import using Excel
Import using CSV
Import using Union