Choose your own safest place to store passwords

Your data belongs to you. Enpass enables you to store and sync passwords and passkeys wherever is best for you — iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, NextCloud, WebDAV, or completely offline.

offline password manager

You were not born to remember passwords

Create one master password and let Enpass take care of the rest. Logins, credit cards, ID cards and other important information stored in one safe place.

strong password manager

Create strong passwords

single-click log-in password manager

Log in to any app or website with a single click
secure online shopping

Secure online shopping

Automatically fill in payment details when shopping online and protect yourself from phishing attacks.

password audit

Password audit

Do a regular health check to filter out your weak, compromised, old and expired passwords.

multiple vaults


Keep everything organized with separate profiles for work, personal and family, and give family access to everything they need.

multiple templates

A place for everything

Choose from a library of 80+ built-in templates to store credit cards, passports, driving licenses, insurance documents and more.

Compatible with the cloud storage you already use

Instead of keeping a cloud full of user data for criminal hackers to target, Enpass stores and syncs your encrypted vaults on your own cloud accounts. Or you can sync between devices via Wi-Fi, skipping the cloud and keeping your vaults completely offline.

Dropbox cloud storage
iCloud cloud storage
Google drive cloud storage
Google Drive
onedrive cloud storage
box cloud storage
webdav cloud storage
Nextcloud cloud storage

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See what Enpass users are saying

Enpass User review on iOS

This password manager is dope. I’ve used all of em at some point or another (Lastpass, 1Password, and Bitwarden extensively) and Enpass stands toe to toe with all of them.

Enpass on iOS App StoreiOS App Store

Enpass User review on Android

This has been the best cross-platform password manager. I’ve been using it for 7+ years and works flawlessly no matter if it’s my phome, work laptop or home desktops. Highly recommend.

Enpass on Android Play StoreGoogle Play Store

Enpass User review on macOS

Fantastic Password Manager! If you are looking for a secure password manager that encrypts and stores your data locally rather than on remote servers, functions well and looks good, Enpass is for you.

Enpass on macOS App StoremacOS App Store

Enpass User review on Windows

This password manager is different from the rest of the ones in terms of cross platform usability and offline vault backup. The subscription cost is also not much. Well done developer!!

Enpass on Microsoft StoreMicrosoft Store

G2 rating

4.6 / 5

Capterra rating

4.6 / 5

GetApp rating

4.6 / 5

Spotlighted in the Media

Discover our coverage in top media outlets


The Best Password Managers to Secure Your Digital Life

Scott Gilbertson

“Once you have syncing set up, it works just like any other service. And you don’t have to worry about Enpass being hacked, because your data isn’t on its servers. If you’re comfortable setting up the secure syncing yourself, Enpass makes a great password manager.”

Android Police

Why Enpass is my perfect LastPass replacement password manager

Karandeep Singh

“Enpass caught my eye mainly because it didn’t force me to store my passwords on its online servers. I wanted something that struck the right balance between convenience and privacy. Enpass checked all the right boxes for me, and I soon ditched LastPass for good.”

tom's guide

The best password managers in 2023

Anthony Spadafora

“Enpass has strong, unlimited free desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux… Enpass doesn’t offer any cloud-syncing of its own. (Some users might see that as a security advantage). Overall, Enpass belongs on our best password managers list…”

android central

Best password manager for Android 2023

Andrew Myrick

“Enpass offers the same level of password vault security as the rest of the competition, but there’s an added layer of protection in its model because it doesn’t store any of your data itself – you choose where to store and sync it so that you can save it in Google Drive or Dropbox.”

Tech Advisor

Best password managers 2023

Martyn Casserly

“Enpass is a solid password manager with some unique features that could make it an ideal choice for those who want more control over their data and don’t trust cloud-based password managers.”


The 10 Best Password Managers of 2023

Jennifer Allen

“Enpass has some unique features to make it stand out. It works offline which offers some advantages… It also has you syncing locally or to your other cloud storage services.”


Best password managers for Mac

Martyn Casserly

“Enpass doesn’t store any of your information on its servers. Instead, everything is encrypted and kept on your personal device so you never lose control of your data.”

Larry Sanger

How I locked down my passwords

Larry Sanger

“Here’s something unusual—a password manager that goes out of its way to support all platforms, including Linux and even Chromebook (not that I’d ever own one of those)… Dear reader, I went with EnPass.”


3 Windows 10 apps that will boost your productivity today

Michael Ansaldo

“If you’re uncomfortable storing such sensitive data in the cloud, though, Enpass might be the tool for you. Enpass saves and secures your passwords locally on your PC.”


5 Best Password Managers For Linux Desktop

Ankush Das

“Enpass is a quite popular password manager across multiple platforms. It’s great to see that Enpass manages the package for Linux distros actively. I followed the steps to test it out and it worked like a charm.”

ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001:2013

Security audited by Cure53

Security audited

GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

Personal & Family

Simplify your life by storing everything at one place using one Master Password.

personal password manager


Keep your organization secure by storing and sharing sensitive data within the local IT infrastructure.

business password manager

Have existing passwords?

Import them in Enpass
Use the desktop app to automatically import your existing passwords from Chrome browser, Excel spreadsheets, CSV or other password managers.

Import using Excel
Import using CSV
Import using Union