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What is 2FA supported in the Audit section of Enpass, and how does it work?

Two-Factor Authentication in Enpass shows logins for websites that support two-factor authentication(2FA) but don’t have a one-time code saved in Enpass.

This enables Enpass users to recognize and filter out websites supporting 2FA, enabling them to add second-factor authentication as an extra layer of security to 2FA compatible accounts. Users can add one-time codes for these accounts, thus using Enpass as an authenticator app.

This feature can be found in the Audit section of the Enpass app.

How does it work?

The Enpass app regularly fetches the latest definitions regarding 2FA supported websites from its server, which further keeps an updated repository of websites and some additional information by relying on TwoFactorAuth.org as its source.
Enpass then compares each item in your vault with the retrieved information and flags all those items that support 2FA but don’t have a one-time code saved in Enpass. Everything is checked locally on your device during this process, and your passwords are never sent to us.



*The feature is currently available for mobiles only. It’s coming to desktop platforms soon.

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