How to Organize Your Life Using a Password Manager

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In our time-crunch age of digital devices, we earnestly need help in organizing our digital life. There’s no surprise that the decluttering industry has mushroomed over the last 30 years. But the Good news is you don’t need to hire a professional to help to organize your digital data. Just get a password manager with a random password generator, that’s all.

What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is one secure vault locked with a master password encryption where all your passwords reside. Now some of you might be thinking that it’s a bad idea, what if someone gets access to your master password? That’s a reasonable fear. But what if you’ve created a strong and robust password that only you know? It’s a perfect way to protect all your other passwords from improper access.

How Does a Password Manager Helps You?

A password manager will seriously take a bundle of the load off your mind.
When you use a password manager and need to log into a website you first need to visit the webpage normally. And now rather than typing your usernames and passwords into the website, you type the master password into the password manager and it will automatically fill up the login information. In case of Enpass, you’re provided with the Enpass browser extension, clicking on which will fetch the relevant information from Enpass, fills in the webpage and logs you in automatically the website. Even when you try to sign up on a new website and you’ve Enpass extensions installed in the browser, the moment you hit the sign-up button, Enpass automatically shows you a form with the details filled in which you can save in Enpass with just a single click. You can also use the Enpass Password Generator to create a strong and robust password for online accounts.

How Can You Solve Your Password Entanglement?

Password managers like Enpass diagnose your digital security by checking how robust your passwords are. Enpass uses a local scanning process to look for weak, identical, expiring passwords and categorizes them accordingly. After the scan, Enpass lets you know which accounts need a refresh. And how many of them is a duplicate, old, or simply not strong. It helps you avoid any compromise in data security and last moment rush to change expired passwords.

Using a Random Password Generator

Do you struggle to create a robust password every time for new sign-up? It’s time you give Enpass’ random password generator a shot. Enpass creates strong and random passwords by using a cryptographically secure random password generator. And because you use a password manager, you’d save the complex and robust password without a need to memorize it ever. Keep your password safe, and autofill it wherever you need to enter the password – whether in your desktop browser or an app on your smartphone.
In the case where websites force you to create a password of a specific length, follow the same rule. Create a non-pronounceable password using Enpass’ random password generator. You can also include the pre-defined complexities (uppercase, digits, and symbols) to make it stronger. See here the steps to create strong passwords using Enpass password Generator.

Sync Your Data Across Devices

Enpass is an offline password manager. Yet, one of it’s finest features that most of the people are unaware of is Cloud Sync. Enpass lets you sync your data with other devices through any of the supported clouds.
Note that unlike other online password managers, we don’t store your Enpass database on our servers. The data is stored on your own trusted cloud account, and that, when you enable Cloud Sync.

Automatic Data Syncing

Syncing with the cloud is seamless, and helps you avoid wasting time in managing your data. Any change in Enpass database (new additions, change of details, etc.) of one device gets automatically updated in the cloud, and subsequently on your other devices synced with the same cloud account. You wouldn’t have to struggle to update the changes manually everywhere.

Effortless Data Restoration

While we do offer several options to do so, restoring data using the cloud is the simplest one. All you need to do is to connect Enpass to your cloud account, and done. The data would automatically replicate in your new or freshly reset device in a blink. Easy-peasy!

Well, that’s that! Can you come up with more ways that a password manager can help you in organizing your life? Tell us on Twitter at @EnpassApp or on Facebook. You may also drop us a line at for any help, and to start any discussion, head straight to the Enpass Forums.

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