Linux users! Here is the native Enpass application for you.

Since our first release of Enpass for Desktop Application, there was a huge demand of Enpass for Linux. We promised our users to be with it soon and now we are ready with it. You can download it for free from our website.

Behind the scenes

Developing a native App for Linux was a big challenge as we had to invest a whole lot of time in this. We were already pondering with the thoughts of redesigning Enpass from scratch and most important its security module. And one day, finally we put the sails of Sinew for the long voyage of rewriting Enpass for every platform.

This time we chose an open source SQLCipher engine for transparent and trustworthy security, and now here we are with a massive update of Enpass 4.5 for all supported platforms including a fresh, new App for Linux. Like MAC and Windows, the Full Featured Desktop version is Free.

We have also compiled a set of few more information resources like User Manual and Knowledge base.

You can also join our Beta Program and help us in offering you the best!

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