Oh, so you love ownCloud, Now Enpass too.

When you are on a mission to serve for large community with the best possible you can give, you have to face a huge appetite for novelties. The same happened to us when we launched Enpass for Linux in February. We start getting lot of feature requests for implementing ownCloud/WebDAV support for sync and the craving for it got intense everyday. Cheer up you all! Its here now in Enpass 4.6 for all supported platforms.

What is ownCloud?

ownCloud is a free and open-source software which anyone can install on a private server and access data through web interface or WebDAV to view, sync and share information across devices easily. It gives functionality much like Dropbox with only difference that the whole data in stored and managed by you on your private server.

Should I use it?

ownCloud is generally used by advanced users to customize their cloud hosting experience for various requirements in terms of better control over user management, syncing speed, cost-effectiveness and data security. There could be lot of reasons for using this.

For corporates, the privacy policy of cloud-service providers like Dropbox may be unacceptable and so they use ownCloud for privacy of their confidential data. But if you are a normal user and already using any cloud service, stay with that.

Setting up Sync through ownCloud.

Once you have setup up your ownCloud server with a folder, that you’re going to use for syncing, you are ready to sync your Enpass data across all supported devices.  From Enpass’s sync settings, choose ownCloud/WebDAV and then specify URL of folder on ownCloud/WebDAV along with login credentials. Your Enpass data will be synced through that folder.