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Larry Sanger  

How I locked down my passwords

Larry Sanger | Co-founder of Wikipedia

A password manager that goes out of its way to support all platforms.

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Android Police  

Why Enpass is my perfect LastPass replacement password manager

Android Police | Karandeep Singh

There’s nothing better than being in control of your sensitive information.

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Caschys Blog  

Password manager: Enpass 6.4 Portable released

Caschys Blog | Caschy

The name says it all, the software can be used on Mac, Linux and Windows without installation.

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Best Password Managers to Secure Your Digital Life

WIRED | Scott Gilbertson

You don’t have to worry about Enpass being hacked, because your data isn’t on its servers.

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Windows Central  

Why I dropped LastPass for Enpass on Windows 10 – and why you should too?

Windows Central | Daniel Rubino

I’ve recently switched to Enpass for Windows 10, and I’m not going back to anything else.

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iMore for ipad iphone  

Best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

iMore | Lory Gil & Christine Chan

A great app for people that want the simplicity and security.

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toms guide  

The best password managers in 2023

Tom’s guide | Paul Wagensei

Best password manager value.

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5 best password managers for Android

TechRepublic | Jack Wallen

Enpass is my password manager of choice? Why?

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Android Central  

Best Password Managers for Android in 2023

Android Central | Ara Wagoner

And better yet, it won’t store any of your data on its own servers.

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Android Police  

Apps the Android Police staff can’t live without

Android Police | Karan

My choice of password manager is Enpass.

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Best password managers for Mac

Macworld | Martyn Casserly

Those looking for a simple, secure solution that doesn’t break the bank.

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Linux Password Manager: 22 Reviewed and Compared

Ubuntu Pit | Mehedi Hasan

Enpass is a best offline password manager for, literally, all the major OS.

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Enpass Review

ProPrivacy | Ray Walsh

An excellent and affordable password manager that stores all of your passwords locally.

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The 10 Best Password Managers of 2023

Lifewire | Jennifer Allen

Enpass has some unique features to make it stand out. It works offline which offers some advantages.

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Tech Advisor  

Best password managers 2023

Tech Advisor | Martyn Casserly

Enpass takes a different approach to most password managers. It doesn’t have to store your passwords and other important data on a centralised server.

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3 Windows 10 apps that will boost your productivity today

PCWorld | Michael Ansaldo

If you’re uncomfortable storing such sensitive data in the cloud, though, Enpass might be the tool for you.

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5 Best Password Managers For Linux Desktop

It’s FOSS | Ankush Das

It offers a great deal of features and if you have a wearable device, it will support that too – which is rare.

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