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Enpass for iPhone and iPad picks up numerous improvements in version 5.0

Enpass is a full-featured cross-platform password manager, which has seen the official app for iPhone and iPad updated to version 5.0. This latest release introduces a number of new features, including a refreshed user interface, Spotlight search, 3D Touch, split view and more. If you're a fan of the app, you're going to love what the development team have added in 5.0. Read more

Passwortmanager Enpass 5.0 für iOS erschienen

Der Passwortmanager Enpass hat viele Nutzer gewonnen. Kein Wunder, gab es doch die Android-Version neulich erst kostenlos, die das Synchronisieren mit anderen Installationen möglich macht, schließlich ist Enpass neben Android unter anderem auch für Linux, Windows, iOS und OS X zu haben Read more

Enpass - best free store passwords

Where to store passwords? Perhaps it's best to Enpass. Enpass completely free. At the same time it offers 256-bit AES-encryption. In addition, the master password to the vault is not recorded locally or by any other means. Read more

Android Police's Team Picks: Our Favorite And Most Used Apps In 2015

Other sensitive data apps are either limited in their platform support or cost too much to get the entire gamut of clients. On the desktop, Enpass is free and its clients (Mac, Windows, Linux) have a nice UI, keyboard shortcuts, and a Chrome extension. On mobile, Enpass has a $10 fee for both Android and iOS, a beautiful and simple interface, plenty of security features including fingerprint unlocking on Marshmallow, and customizable folders, card types, and fields. Read more

Enpass 5.0 now available for Windows, adds browser extensions

Enpass is a popular offline password manager that secures all your data locally on your device. It allows managing your passwords, login details, credit card numbers, bank details, ID numbers, and more and there's a wide range of categories and customizable templates. The app makes data entry easier, fast, and organized. Read more

Enpass password manager gets owncloud/webdav sync support, debian / ubuntu repository

The latest Enpass for Linux brings two highly demanded improvements: ownCloud/WebDAV sync support (the app could already sync to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or a folder, for use with other apps) as well as a Debian/Ubuntu repository which you can use to easily install the app and receive automatic updates. Read more

Enpass password manager adds preliminary Marshmallow fingerprint support

 The new feature means you can launch the Enpass app and get into your password vault by simply putting your finger on the Nexus Imprint sensor on your phone, just as you've been able to do with the app on Samsung phones with fingerprint scanners for some time. Read more

Enpass: Passwort-Manager mit Redesign, Touch ID, Safari-Erweiterung & Freemium-Modell

Der Sprung auf Version 4.5.0 bringt verdammt viele Änderungen mit sich. Zu Anfang das wohl wichtigste. Enpass wechselt auf iPhone und iPad zum Freemium-Modell – allerdings mit einer fairen Bezahlung. Die Gratis-App ist auf 20 Einträge limitiert, voller Zugriff muss einmalig mit 9,99 Euro bezahlt werden. Die Mac- und Windows-Version ist kostenfrei. Positiv: Wer Enpass zuvor schon erworben hatte, ist automatisch Premium-Nutzer. Read more

Enpass Password Manager for BlackBerry 10 updated with new features and improvements

While a lot of BlackBerry users are perfectly satisfied with using the built-in BlackBerry Password Keeper, if you're looking for something a bit more advanced that also offers desktop and cloud syncing solutions, one fantastic option available is Enpass Password ManagerRead more

Nokia Create Master Mission: Work Life Master Mission Winner

We all have too many passwords to manage, and every day we hear news reports of what happens when we don’t manage them well. Enpass Password Manager & Information Keeper solves this key problem, securely storing all your passwords, and even generating secure passwords for you if desired. Read more

Las mejores aplicaciones para iPhone de la semana (XCIII)

AppleWeblog is now Hypertextual

un gestor de contraseñas que posee las funciones básicas de una aplicación de este tipo: encriptación AES 256, generador de contraseñas aleatorias, sincronización a través de Dropbox y iCloud, y navegador integrado. Read more

Auf Mac und iOS: Passwortmanager “Enpass” startet

Die Apps arbeiten mit lokalen, vollverschlüsselten Datenbanken (AES 256), die weder einen Account, noch eine Registrierung voraussetzen und sich entweder lokal sowie natürlich auch online über Apples iCloud bzw. den Webspeicher Dropbox mit all euren Geräten synchronisieren lassen. Read more

Enpass Password Manager : plus besoin de retenir ses mots de passe

On nous pousse à diversifier nos mots par sécurité mais notre cerveau, lui, crie naturellement au scandale. Cette application va donc vous permettre de retenir tous vos mots de passe voire données un peu confidentielles qu'il vous est pénible à mémoriser. Read more

Simpler Passwort-Verwalter für Mac, iOS und andere Plattformen der verschlüsselt Passwörter und andere sensible Daten verwaltet

Der Passwortverwalter Enpass, Nachfolger des Tools WalletX, bietet eine solide aber recht schlichte Oberfläche. Geschützt ist der Zugriff auf das Programm per Passwort, auf Wunsch sperrt sich das Programm zeitgesteuert oder bei jedem Programmwechsel. Read more

Enpass: The Best Password Manager For iPhone, iPad, Mac And Windows

Enpass (formerly known as ‘Wallet X’) is the best password manager for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Mac OS X and Windows (running on Windows 8.1)  Read more

App Weekender: 30 new apps for Android you should try this weekend (Recommended)

Download 30 new apps for Android in this edition of the  . Read more