What is Enpass portable?

Unlike traditional Enpass desktop apps, the portable version does not require installation. You can put it on a USB drive and move between computers while taking your app and settings with you.

Truly portable

You can plug the same USB drive of Enpass portable across Windows, macOS and Linux, and can access all your passwords, credentials and documents, anywhere. Setup instructions

Better privacy

Because Enpass portable runs without installation on the system, it’s lightweight and won’t leave any footprint on the devices you run it on. Everything, including any settings you’ve saved, is saved right in the portable app’s folder on the USB drive.

Customized settings

Any settings, the app needs are written back on the same folder that the app is held in, on your USB drive. This lets you run it parallel with traditional Enpass desktop app, and specify customized settings for it i.e. look & feel, data-location, etc.


Offline Password Manager

All your data is saved locally on your device, not on our servers. Your information never leaves your device unless you choose to sync with your own cloud account.

Offline password manager

Sync data through your cloud

Enpass gives you the freedom to keep data on your cloud account. You can securely sync data through Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, WebDAV, Box and OneDrive, without keeping anything on our servers.

Google driveiCloudDropboxwebdavboxonedrive

Browser extensions for autofilling

Stay safe while shopping online and logging into webpages. Browser extensions make it easier by autofilling the login details, identities and credit cards for you.


Free Desktop apps

Full-featured apps for desktops (both traditional and portable) are totally free. Just download and start using it now. Downlod Free


Mobile and wearable apps

Available for iOS and Android with complimentary support for Apple and Android watch. Keep all your passwords and credentials handy with you wherever you go.

iOSAndroidSmart Watch

Import data from others

Use the desktop app to automatically import your existing passwords from Chrome browser, Excel spreadsheets, CSV or other password managers. Learn More

Excel ImportCSV ImportImport

Frequently asked questions

Setting up Enpass portable is very easy. Simply download Enpass Portable from here. Extract the compressed file (.zip or tar.gz) into any folder and follow the detailed step-by-step instructions in support to use Enpass Portable. If you have any questions, email us at support@enpass.io.
Yes, you can setup and use Enpass Portable along with an already installed version of Enpass desktop on the same system. Make sure to choose different locations to save the database files for each versions of Enpass on your system.
Yes, you can configure and use Enpass Portable on a single USB drive for a universal access across all desktop platforms. Please refer the detailed instructions for configuring Enpass Portable on a USB in support.
Enpass Portable is completely free to use on all platforms without any restrictions. Moreover, Enpass for desktops is also free. We only charge for subscription on mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

Still have a question?

We’re always here to help. Contact us on the Enpass forum, by email, or on Twitter.